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Amazonite Sphere


A bringer of harmonious vibrations, this Amazonite Sphere provides one with a supportive ally that encourages speaking one’s truth.

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Sourced from Madagascar, this gorgeous Amazonite Sphere is nothing other than a great ally that not only supports a deeper anchoring on this plane due to its inclusion of Smoky Quartz that sits atop the sphere like a smudge of icing on a patty cake. Its stained dark glass appearance in some aspects has much clarity, surrounded by a tranquil shade of bluey green that is due in part to its content of lead. Surprisingly this metal is what provides a shielding property of Amazonite against the detrimental radiations and frequencies associated with electromagnetic smog and WI-FI emissions.

So not only does this crystal provide a centering, grounding property, but also a shielding effect, but most notably Amazonite is well known to be associated with employing courage, fortitude, strength and independence.

A bringer of harmonious vibrations this Amazonite sphere provides one with an ally that encourages speaking one’s truth. Aligning them with this virtue supports one on their journey by providing a greater clarity in regards to what they want and what they actually feel, and can assist in bringing attention to their gifts and knowledge that they may want to offer the world.

A great mineral composition that supports one in creating stronger and clearer boundaries that exist on all levels. A stone that supports those to overcome fear associated with managing conflicts and confrontations. For those that are overly concerned of the opinions and judgements of others, it empowers one with a sense of peace that is aspired by walking one’s truth. Its targeting of the throat centre provides one with the impetus to connect with one’s wisdom and express without fear of what others may think.

Amazonite is a stone that empowers one to manifest their dreams and desires. Inspiring creative concepts it can help one to create a newer reality that is more aligned with a higher consciousness that one has now become attuned to. Its this allowance to explore the higher realms that brings one within a space to integrate all aspects of self. Bringing more consciousness, brings more clarity and coherence, reduces limitations by opening a gateway to navigate within the higher planes, and its the anchoring that it supplies that allows one to manifest their ideals on the Earthly plane.

Weight – 88 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 4 cm  x  4 cm  x  4 cm

HEALTH – soothing stone – calms the brain & nervous system – alleviates worry & fear – soothes emotional trauma – beneficial for osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency, calcium deposits, balancing the metabolic deficiencies that create these conditions – brings peace – helps one to move beyond fear & judgements – helps with cell regeneration & healing after trauma or injury – great for gout or arthritis – prevents hair loss – repairs brittle nails & gums & hair – balances thyroid & adrenals glands especially associated with stress – helps release grief from emotional body – useful for those suffering illness caused by electromagnetic smog or environmental influences – promotes emotional balance

PROTECTION – this Amazonite pendant blocks geopathic stress – shields against electromagnetic fields – protective against mobile phones & microwaves – dispels negative energy

SPIRITUAL – aligns the physical with etheric bodies – balances the masculine & feminine energies – opens third eye – improves intuition – helps clear blockages within nervous system – meditating with this stone increases consciousness – because it is a stone of truth one may trust visions, dreams or intuition that arise when working with this stone – magnifies our intentions – allows communication of higher truths & knowledge

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