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Smoky Quartz Point
February 15, 2020
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March 7, 2020
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Amethyst Quartz Wand


As a healing tool this Amethyst Quartz wand makes a great addition to anyone’s spiritual toolbox.

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When one is considering the purchase of a wand, the resonance of the combination of crystals present is vitally important making this Amethyst Quartz wand a great ally. Not only does it contain two of the master crystals, you have the chakra stones encircling near its apex which are being amplified by the Quartz point.

Small yet powerful, one is able to bring coherence, stabilizing a harmonious rhythm to the subtle bodies the auric field comes back into alignment. Cleansing and clearing blockages its energy can be felt traveling the meridian channels. The clear Quartz as a master healer crystal knows exactly where the energy is needed and will target those areas of the body.

This Amethyst Quartz wand is quite compact and fits quite snuggly in one’s hand. Making it a great choice if one is travelling. Not only is it an excellent healing tool but can also be used in meditation, in fact the Amethyst sphere is totally removable.

Weight – 79gm

Dimensions Approximately – 110 mm x  30mm

HEALTH – Clear Quartz – master healer, targets areas requiring healing – stimulates immune system – brings body back into balance – aides concentration & memory –  soothes burns – improves clarity on all levels – stimulates growth of hair and fingernails – stimulates nervous system – can help remove adhesions within connective tissue  Amethyst boosts hormone production – attunes endocrine system – cleanses & strengthens eliminating organs & immune system – great blood cleanser – relieves emotional, physical & psychological pain or stress – eases headaches – treats insomnia – reduces bruising, swellings & injuries – treats hearing disorders – heals lungs & respiratory conditions – aides skin disorders – cellular dysfunction – digestive tract disorders – removes parasites – helps regulate gastrointestinal flora

PROTECTION – Clear Quartz -against radiation Amethyst -protects and blocks geopathic stress – guards against psychic attack – against negative environmental energies – places a cloak of protection against entities and attachments

SPIRITUAL – Clear Quartz –  harmonizes all chakra centres & subtle bodies – enhances psychic abilities – spurs intuition- improves meditation – connects one with guides – opens one to interdimensional travel – enhances past life recall – expands consciousness – dissolves karmic seeds – expands your bio magnetic field – makes dreams more vivid – balances polarity Amethyst  instils higher states of consciousness – opens intuition – enhances psychic gifts – improves meditation – place on third eye for scrying – sleeping with it can facilitate out of body experiences – opens awareness




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Amethyst, Carnelian, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Iolite, Peridot, Quartz