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Ametrine Point


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Linking the physical realms with higher consciousness, this Ametrine Point allows one to indulge with the energies of creation.

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Wow, such a power pack crystal mineral combination, this Ametrine point is an amalgamation of both Amethyst and Citrine. What else would you expect when resonating with this powerful combo but a direct link into higher awareness. Opening the third eye all aspects of divination becomes amped up bringing in greater insights and guidance one is being prepared for transformation. Allowing one to coalesce with the higher self, this union brings about a crazy symphony of unity for one to indulge within the delights of the spirit world.

Its target of the crown chakra maintains this Ametrine point’s ability to facilitate travel beyond this plane.  Providing protection during bouts of astral travel, we all know that Amethyst provides great protection against psychic attack and is no different when one is entraining with Ametrine point.

This combination provides one with an ally that not only enhances the gift of receiving divine guidance but also prepares one to take action with the information provided without hesitation. It offers the ability to overcome any fears associated with the intending tasks. It is the Citrine’s aspect that decimates blockages allowing one to enter into a space of not fearing change or progress.

One soon steps out of the old programming associated with procrastination and not trusting in one’s own decisions, replaced by one who has now entered into a state of empowerment. Enhancing both the strength of one’s will and their commitment to follow through, maintains this new potential that helps to create a new reality. One that is more aligned with the consciousness found within the vessel.

Instilling states of calm and stillness of mind it makes a great tool not only for meditation but also for those that suffer mind stress. Bringing clarity it helps one to remain focused, alert, increasing concentration it supports both  memory recall and the ability to assimilate information.

This Ametrine point brings both healing and states of well-being. A powerful cleanser of the auric field it helps to remove toxins from the body. Providing one with a shield, protecting against outside influences, its strengths lie in the ability to bring deep – seated issues to the surface to be transmuted and cleared.

Source – Brazil

Weight – 117gm

Dimensions Approximately – 55mm  x  40mm   x  32mm

HEALTH – this Ametrine pendant helps to ease stress – calms the mind – brings clarity – strengthens concentration – promotes optimism – blood cleanser & energizer – purges toxins from body – regenerates physical body – strengthens immune system – aids autonomic nervous system – stabilizes DNA/RNA – oxygenates the body – heals chronic fatigue syndrome, burning sensations, depression, gastric disturbances & ulcers – addresses fatigue & lethargy – good for tension headaches & stress related disease – helps addictions – stimulates brain – enhances memory & learning – assists digestion – stimulates metabolism

SPIRITUAL – protects during astral travel & psychic attack – brings greater focus to meditation – opens third eye – cleanses auric field of negativity –  unites masculine and feminine energies – links intellect into higher awareness  –  clears emotional blockages & emotional programming- facilitates transformation


References –

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