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Let this green Calcite bring you into a state of renewed freshness. Spurring vitality of both body and spirit. One may reclaim one’s deeper sense of passion.

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Once holding this green Calcite, you immediately start to feel a sense of freshness that could only be described as an entry point into a space that is filled with a much lighter energy. A newness surrounds you, and with this it inspires us to become much more motivated. Spurring a sense of purpose, one becomes open to infinite possibilities, encouraging to the self, to make beneficial changes in one’s life. Helping to dissolve those old rigid ways of thinking it supports letting go of the old and the familiar and kick starts the transition toward a more positive outlook.

Targeting the heart centre it nourishes our compassionate side. Allowing one to move into a place when one can forgive not only others but also ourselves. It enables us to release resentments and finally let go of emotional patterns that may have kept you locked within a cycle of playing the same old role. This green Calcite, has the ability to cushion us within a softness, that allows us to heal from illnesses manifested through the integration of negative emotions such as anger, as well as of those described above. It brings one to a state of being able to accept more divine love and with that the ability to also gift this love to others.

This magical stone helps to stop the constant banter of the mind, with its ceaseless preoccupation with a continual onslaught of thoughts that never stop. This stillness encourages one to enter a greater meditation space and can also serve one to become aware of what it is like to sit with a still mind. It’s of no wonder that it is considered to be a mental healer.

Source – Brazil

Weight – 352gm

Dimensions Approximately – 90mm  x  65mm  x  40mm


HEALTH –  spurs vitality – overcome social phobias – helps to clear plaque & blockages in arteries – clears the heart from stress –  reduces affects of aging – quiets an overactive mind – feel clear & relaxed amid stresses of daily life – powerful stimulant of the immune system – rids body of bacterial infections – absorbs negativity – ameliorates arthritis & constrictions of the ligaments or muscles – cools fevers, burns and inflammation – calms the adrenals – soothes angered – generated disease – if placed on the body regularly it will absorb disease but will need to be cleansed thoroughly after use – effective for those with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

SPIRITUAL – stills the mind for better meditations – sleeping with this stone makes dreams more pleasant – attunes one to Nature and the spirits of the plants & animals – instils growth


References –

Simmons, S. Ahsian, N 2007, The Book of Stones Who They Are & What They Teach, North Atlantic Books Berkley, California












Additional information
Weight 0.352 kg
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 6.5 cm
Crystal Type

Calcite, Calcite Green

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