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Cavansite Quartz Pendant


Creating such a pulsation of energy throughout one’s whole body, this Cavansite Quartz pendant brings one into an elevated state of consciousness.

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Pulsing one with a life force so strong, this Cavansite Quartz pendant allows one to enter into a space of clarity, knowingness and clear intention. Holding such a powerful force, it truly brings one to full attention, almost as if one is in a lucid state. Most explicit, one feels totally aligned with a higher guidance, a certain surety takes over enabling one to bond more closely with the consciousness of one’s higher self.

My, my this little blue stone, Cavansite is quite an exquisite example of one of nature’s gifts. Helping the Earth’s inhabitants to yield a deeper self, one that becomes open to expanded awareness and new growth. Aligning one with their own innate wisdom sparks an inner fury of allowing emergence of skills of prophecy, clairvoyance, clairaudience. and remote viewing plus more.

Becoming a clear channel it supports one in delivering the higher truth. A tool that can be used to help one channel spiritual wisdom or align one with the energy fields of the Akashic records. This allows one to attune to a living library filled with enormous amounts of history and knowledge. That of a transitional stone it brings to the forefront past experiences and lessons to be released. Opening doorways into a new way of living, supporting this new growth we see the appearance of guides or new teachers to help pave the way.

This Cavansite Quartz pendant has many beneficial attributes and we haven’t even touched on the qualities of the Quartz portion of the pendant yet. Just let me say that the clear Quartz not only enhances the potency of the Cavansite, but any energies or stones that it co-exists with. Primarily known as the ‘master healer’, it will target areas requiring attention. Supporting an increase in consciousness, it may be programmed, retaining its memory it will magnify whatever was instilled within the crystalline structure.

Such a glorious piece, one will never be the same again. Let this Cavansite Quartz pendant be your stimulus to entering a new way of life. One filled with more joy, willingness and excitement, entering a space behind the veil where one becomes aware to the illusion of this reality.

Source – Cavansite – India    –     Clear Quartz – Brazil

Weight – 12gm

Dimensions Approximately – 70mm  x  25mm  x  23mm

HEALTH – Cavansite – soothing to the emotions & frayed nerves – helps one to relax & let go –  spurs energy & excitement – overcomes feelings of hopelessness, lack of direction & confusion – brings one joy – stimulates endocrine system especially the pituitary   & pineal glands – helps counter stress related diseases –   migraines / headaches included   Clear Quartz – master healer – can be used for any condition – stimulates immune system – balances body – excellent for soothing burns – gain clarity – aids concentration – unlocks memory

SPIRITUAL GROWTH – Cavansite – connects ones with guides – enhances the ability to see energies – expansion of ones consciousness – spiritual growth – attunes one to gain access to Akashic records  – helps one to channel spiritual information – enhances many psychic abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, prophecy, remote viewing, mediumship, spurs spiritual enlightenment – great for mediation – Clear Quartz – connection to higher realms – interdimensional travel – psychic abilities – communication with guides – expansion of auric field – harmonizes all chakras – aligns subtle bodies – they are like a spiritual library waiting to be accessed – dissolves karmic seeds

This Made in Earth design been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed. Chain not included.

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