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Cavansite Tumbles


These Cavansite tumbles are a must have if one wishes to journey beyond this realm. Bringing many insights their entrainment encourages a greater understanding of the metaphysical world in which we dwell.

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These little Cavansite tumbles are absolutely one of my favourites. Holding a vibration so strong you can feel them buzzing once their in your hand. Great for using in grids, meditation, holding, healing or simply placed within your home, office or workplace these shimmery little tumbles contain a consciousness that will surely rock your world.

Not only do they spur conscious awareness and spiritual growth, they often slip into the role as a gatekeeper allowing  one to journey within and beyond  the astral planes. Even at a moments notice you can feel yourself slowly drifting, moving from this plane to the next with such ease.

Allowing one entry to explore past life experience is nothing new when entraining with these little guys. Placed on the third eye not only does it encourage and support channelling abilities, but may also bring into view visionary delights of the metaphysical kind. Targeting of the third eye allows its entry as a  flow of energy to clear this channel providing the impetus of supporting numerous abilities associated with the connection of spirit.

A stone that allows one to enter great stillness when meditating, these Cavansite tumbles should be considered if one is seeking an ally to bring about an upsurge in the practice of psychic faculties such as clairvoyance and clairaudience. Assisting with communication and self-expression its resonance enables one to connect with guides and new tutors to both complement and initiate their next level of development.

Enhancing the release of endorphins, Cavansite brings about a sense of joy and enthusiasm. Very much a feel good stone, it helps to calm the nerves, reduce confusion and overcome feelings of hopelessness and create a greater sense of optimism.

A great stone to carry in your pocket if a situation should arise if one needs to speak his or her truths. It provides the courage for one to speak the words that need to be said. Cavansite is truly a gift from nature allowing one to connect with the self it begins the process of awareness toward enlightenment.

Source – India

HEALTH  –  soothing to the emotions & frayed nerves – helps one to relax & let go –  spurs energy & excitement – overcomes feelings of hopelessness, lack of direction & confusion – brings one joy – stimulates endocrine system especially the pituitary /pineal glands – helps counter stress related diseases –  migraines & headaches included – releases endorphins – purifies & regenerates – healing to the eyes, teeth, sore throat, kidneys, bladder, blood and tinnitus – recurrent disease, fragmented DNA – calcium deficiency, bone loss, joint inflexibility – stabilizes pulse –

PROTECTION – protects and shields spiritual healers and past life therapists

SPIRITUAL GROWTH  – these cavansite tumbles helps one to connect with guides – enhances the ability to see energies – expansion of one’s consciousness – spiritual growth – attunes one to gain access to Akashic records  – helps one to channel spiritual information – enhances many psychic abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, prophecy, remote viewing, mediumship, spurs spiritual enlightenment – great for mediation


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