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Danburite Pendant


Bringing in vibrations of change let this Danburite pendant align you with the higher-self found within.

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Delving into the depths of this Danburite pendant brings both strength and empowerment to its wearer. An alignment seems to take place when first entraining with is vibrations, re-orientating the misaligned energies found within one’s chakra channel that runs both up and down the spine, it brings with it coherence and unity and a much deeper connection with one’s higher-self. It brings notice to the ego mind, allowing one the freedom to dwell within a space of autonomy.

Carrying such a pure vibration, even when the initial energies are assimilated this adjustment can be further refined simply by running your fingers over the lines or striations found on the surface of this Danburite pendant. This fine tuning of one’s system can actually be felt physically as slight chills and tingles. Similar to bubbles rising to the surface the denser particles seem to unravel from one’s energetic system, rising and then dispersing, one becomes lighter, bringing through both increased consciousness and awareness, it is a great stone to facilitate intense changes if one seeks.

Encapsulating cosmic light, it stimulates the third eye, higher crown centres and beyond, aligning these with the heart centre, it brings one into close alliance within the angelic realms. Illuminating the auric field, Danburite proves to be quite a powerful ally for those wanting to evolve spiritually. Facilitating lucid dreaming, channelling, interdimensional travel, communication with spiritual beings other than the angels one is able to tap into sources of eternal wisdom.

It vibration brings both serenity and calmness into one’s life, soothing to the emotional body it brings comfort and release from anxiety, grief and fear. Addressing anger and resentment one is allowed to enter into a space which offers a more serene optimistic attitude, one seems to gain patience and a peace of mind when entraining with this stone.

Source  – Brazil

Weight – 9gm

Dimensions Approximately – 22mm  x  55mm  x  5mm

HEALTH – This Danburite pendant  is a powerful healing stone – helps clear allergies & chronic conditions – holds a strong detoxifying action – treats liver & gallbladder – adds weight to the body where required – aids muscular & motor function – relieves stress & worry – calms mind chatter – soothes the heart – encourages better sleep – brings peace of mind – calming – releases grief, fear and anxiety – addresses anger and resentment

SPIRITUAL – activates third eye, crown centre and beyond – creates alliance within the angelic realms – supports channelling, interdimensional travel, lucid dreaming, communication with other realms and beings – connection with eternal wisdom – access to inner guidance – expands consciousness – illuminates aura – a stone that allows a conscious transition to take place during the process of crossing over during the process of death

This Made in Earth design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed. Chain not included

References –

Hall, J., The Crystal Bible’ Goldsfield Press, London

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