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Earth Mother Dreaming


Earth Mother Dreaming is a modern guide to living a shamanic life. Written by Scott Alexander King he covers every aspect of bringing oneself back to the basics fully resonating with the energy of the earth.

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There comes a time in our life when we realise that at some point on our life journey, we seem to have left the path. Earth Mother Dreaming recounts Scott Alexander King’s journey from the world of detachment and anger to the world of truth, purity and enlightenment.

It is an encyclopaedia of all things metaphysical that includes simple yet practical and effective activities, rituals and ceremonies that will see you slowly emerge back into a place of personal power and passion.

Just to share a little of what you will find between the pages is not only how to cleanse and empower your aura and chakra centres. But also you get to explore the faerie realms, learn about prayers of smoke, the power of the 4 directions, smudging, vision quest and the medicine walk.

A total guide to living a Shamanic life it also shares how to make a medicine pouch, medicine shield, dream catcher and a journey drum. All tools of the trade. Supporting your surrender to spirit it helps to access your totem and spirit helpers.

So much more is held within this little resource book, Scott aims to supply all the information needed for one to be immersed within in a place that allows one to learn about omens, signs and portents of nature.