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April 3, 2022
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Epidote Natural and Clear Quartz


Epidote Natural and Clear Quartz unifies a blending of vibrations that is most useful for awakening one to their true potential.

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Epidote Natural and Clear Quartz unifies a blending of vibrations awakening one to to their true potential. The ability to strengthen your sense of identity and personal power it brings a frequency renown to increase one’s spiritual attunement. It belies ingrained resistance to one’s spiritual awakening, encouraging its guardian to take heed and step forth to progress with their growth.

The quartz seems to amplify the vibrations of the Epidote, allowing one to step forward with more positivity. Helping one to create a reality that matches a more aligned version of one’s dreams and hopes. It encourages one by transforming their perception of  realizing that perhaps they are stuck in their current position and by its resonant vibration spurs one to take action to institute change.

Purifying to the emotional body it helps one to release grief and old emotional trauma. Helping to clear negative emotional states such as stress, depression, anxiety even self-pity, it ensures one remains centered no matter what situation you may find yourself in.

Helpful in detoxing one from negative energetic debris that may be found congesting both your physical and etheric bodies it is most useful in alerting and adjusting one’s various patterns of behaviour and thought processes of the dense variety, enabling one to raise their frequency to bring clearance and to overcome these issues. In addition Epidote Natural and Clear Quartz allows one to be privy of the core patterns that may be responsible for any dis-ease processes you may be suffering from.

Certainly a crystal that supports the body’s healing process it is a most useful choice particularly for those that have issues to the Earths density .

Weight – 114 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 5.3 cm  x  2.7 cm  x  5 cm

HEALTH – spurs positivity and optimism – excellent choice for working with cancerous tumors, cysts, fibrosis and other similar manifestations – great for convalescing individuals – helps to overcome hopelessness and depression – spurs one to enjoy life – good for those that fall easily into the roles of victim-hood or martyrdom – dispelling self-criticism – helps with stress, anxiety – releases grief and old emotional traumas – may help with weight loss – healing to the nervous and immune systems – provides stamina – supports the brain, thyroid, liver, gallbladder and the adrenal glands – effective for cellular memory and dehydration – supports the body’s own healing process –

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – increases ones’ vibration – releases old negative programmes – increases spiritual attunement – removes resistance to spiritual awakening – enhances one’s perception – inspires one to manifest their dreams

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