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Fluorite Octahedrons


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These little Fluorite Octahedrons are a great addition to anyone’s collection if you are seeking a stone that brings more coherence on every level – Mind, Body and Soul. 

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Likened to a cosmic receptacle for universal energy these little Fluorite Octahedrons are a great ally in bringing about structure, organisation and coherence on every level. Whether it be on the physical, emotional or mental levels their energy pattern has the ability to recognize any form of chaotic behaviour and then proceeds to reorganize and restructure bringing unity, harmony, and equilibrium.

This property allows it to cleanse and purify anything in the body that is not in perfect order. It not only allows merging of the left with the right hemispheres of the brain, by which benefits the improvement of one’s mental clarity and concentration, dispersing confusion and cluttered thoughts. It primes one with the ability to think fast on their feet, bringing great strides for those learning by both improving one’s ability to absorb information and also the ability to memorise it.

Stabilising to the emotional body it helps to bring calmness of thought to those who fear the future, quelling their anxiety and fear, it brings balance of mind.

Attuning one to the higher states of consciousness, these little Fluorite octahedrons brings one closer to the higher realms merging with the ability to receive psychic information. Enhancing one’s intuition they are a great stone to help quicken one’s spiritual awakening.

Very protective on the physic level, it enables one to become aware of any wayward energies and also counteracts any physic manipulation.

These Fluorite octahedrons provides one with a tool that will help to eradicate confusion, scatterness, helping to cleanse and stablize one’s auric field, it clears negativity and provides great protection against computers and related electromagnetic stress.

Source – China

Weight Approximately – 34gm

Dimensions Approximately – 45mm  x  40mm  x 40mm

HEALTH – draws off stress – cleanses, purifies and dispels and reorganises anything in the body that is not in perfect order – improves physical and mental co-ordination – improves self-confidence – deals with infections & disorders – benefits the bones, teeth, cells – repairs dna – powerful against viruses – regenerates the skin and mucous membranes particularly in the respiratory tract – heals ulcers & wounds – beneficial for colds, flu & sinusitis – heals adhesions – mobilises joints – alleviates arthritis, rheumatism & spinal injuries – pain relief – ameliorates the discomfort of shingles & other nerve related pain – heals the skin removing blemishes & wrinkles – use- bful during dental work – improves libido – balances brain chemistry – use in dizziness / vertigo –

PROTECTION – protects on the psychic level – shuts off psychic manipulation – draws off negative energies – electromagnetic fields including computers

SPIRITUAL – quickens spiritual awakening – elevates consciousness – enhances intuition – connects to higher realms to receive guidance and psychic information – cleanses the auric field – meditations with visions and insights –

References –

Hall, J., 2011, 101 Power Crystals, Fair Winds Press, China

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