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Herkimer Diamond Ring


Big and chunky, this Herkimer Diamond ring is an ally for those seeking transformation.

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Big and chunky, this Herkimer Diamond ring is a gorgeous display of a vibrancy that brings one into a rapid alignment. You almost feel giddy whist yours cells begin to entrain with its energy. Transitioning one into pure states of being, this Herkimer Diamond ring is truly an allay for those seeking realization of the self.

Allowing one to enter its crystalline structure, this journey could be described as a mirroring of effects. As you enter within its corridors the awareness and expanded consciousness that takes place as you travel is occurring on so many different levels. It is here where it initiates a mirroring effect causing a re-alignment of one’s light body to match the patterns of frequency being met as one coalesces with its vibration.

When one embraces this entrainment that occurs between this crystal and yourself  ‘its guardian’, is truly a gift that brings more coherence, clarity and consciousness. One cannot but enter into new states of perception, allowing one to slip into crazy new beginnings, leaving the old patterns behind, one becomes privy to a whole new world of surreal. This Herkimer Diamond ring acts in the capacity of a key, unlocking the access into the realms that are found deep within, but yet to be discovered. It is here where the self dwells, the beingness, the stillness. It delivers one to the threshold of entering into states of the still point.

I absolutely love Herkimer Diamonds and each have there own personality, but this one is truly wondrous. It will support its guardian during the transition, cushioning and nurturing the self as it is laid bare. The light that it omits brings notice to those shadow selves that one has kept hidden. Bringing both awareness and acceptance of these parts, begins the process of moving forward toward enlightenment.

Be mindful as you go through the process of transitioning the Herkimer Diamond may become cloudy due to uptake of low frequency energy. So it may need regular cleansing and recharging. A good dip in the ocean, or cleanse with some sage smoke and then recharge in the sun. Click here for further instructions on cleansing and cleaning your crystal jewellery.

Ring Size – 7.5  (Ring Size Chart)

Resizing is available. Please contact us at to make arrangements.

Source – Herkimer, New York, USA

Weight -16 gm

Dimensions Approximately – 30 mm  x  22 mm  x  33 mm

HEALTH – high frequency improves general overall well-being – great for eyes and eyesight – corrects DNA – addresses cellular  disorders  – relieves insomnia if caused by geopathic & electromagnetic pollution – eliminates stress and tension

PROTECTION – against geopathic stress – against electromagnetic pollution

SPIRITUAL – stimulates transformation – connects one to higher sources of guidance – spurs psychic activity such as telepathy, visions, clairvoyance – astral and dimensional travel – expanded reality

This Made in Earth design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

References –

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Herkimer Diamond