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Amethyst Pendant


What a simply gorgeous Amethyst pendant. Embedded within the sacred shape of a circle, it summons the notion that there is no end or beginning to the magic that this stone will bring.

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Such a high frequency stone that helps one to connect with the Divine, this lilac Amethyst pendant is an ally for anyone wanting to expand their consciousness. Unlike others of its kind of the deeper purple species, this one carry’s  such a sweet, gentle vibration. It may in fact suit someone just entering the spiritual sphere, wanting to open up to the magic of what’s beyond this world.

Encapsulating you within a cloud of lilac light, it not only provides a cloak of protection and spurs purification on all levels. It also provides the tools for one to kick start a path toward enhancing both their intuitive and psychic faculty gifts. Inherent in those souls that are destined to move beyond the veil, this stone will be a key player in stimulating many factors enabling one to further their spiritual growth.

Helping one to clear their energetic fields of unwanted negative influences, entities and attachments, this protection is well needed when one is treading in new territory, particularly within the subtle realms and when one is just opening up to what is.

Its targeting of the crown chakra and third eye brings about numerous benefits. Including clearance of any blockages that may interfere in slowing down ones progression in moving forward with their spiritual pursuits. It also enables one to still the mind, moving them to higher states of awareness, making it a great tool for meditation.

Like all minerals of this kind, this lilac Amethyst pendant will allow one to become aware of certain patterns and behaviours that may be impeding their status of moving forward with their spiritual growth. By gaining clarity of these destructive ego driven habits one may now accept and release their relevance, and thereby unravel their energetic claws found latched within one’s energetic bodies.

So take heed dear one, if one is ready to tackle the magical realms that surround us, let this lilac Amethyst pendant  be your companion.

Source – Brazil

Weight – 9gm

Dimensions Approximately – 20mm  x  30mm  x  8mm

HEALTH – boosts hormone production – attunes endocrine system – cleanses & strengthens eliminating organs & immune system – great blood cleanser – relieves  emotional, physical & psychological pain or stress – eases headaches – treats insomnia – reduces bruising, swellings & injuries – treats hearing disorders – heals lungs & respiratory conditions – aides skin disorders – cellular dysfunction – digestive tract disorders – removes parasites – helps regulate gastrointestinal flora

PROTECTION – protects and blocks geopathic stress – guard’s against psychic attack – against negative environmental energies – places a cloak of protection against entities and attachments

SPIRITUAL – instils higher states of consciousness – opens intuition – enhances psychic gifts – improves meditation – place on third eye for scrying – sleeping with it can facilitate out of body experiences – opens awareness –


This Made in Earth design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.  Chain not included.

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Amethyst, Amethyst Lilac