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Simply stunning, this Morganite ring attunes one to the energy of emotional abundance. Opening one’s heart centre in the acceptance of divine cosmic love, brings one closer to states of both joy and peace.

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Simply stunning, this Morganite ring is more than just a gorgeous piece of crystal jewellery. It will bring great healing to those that are ready to dissolve past pains and sorrows. Cleansing to the heart chakra, the Morganite carries a much higher frequency than the Rose Quartz, targeting the higher heart centre, this stone it is more aligned with cosmic divine love.

In truth, the Morganite is a stone that allows one to both confront and release blockages held within the heart centre, that is blocking one’s connection with the sacred self. One’s life path all of a sudden becomes clearer. One’s ability to allow release of past traumatic wounds, old relationship attachments, fears, resentments, and anger are brought to the forefront. Bringing awareness, one has now become conscious to the apsects of self that have allowed these unresolved matters to fester. But bringing notice to these aspects, one is now able to identify past behaviours and move forward with a new approach. Allowing release of old patterns of thought, one enters into a more attuned state, with an overhaul of perception, the entry of love is now accepted.

This Morganite ring brings abundance of love and compassion. Attuning to the angelic realms, this entrainment within the higher frequencies of energy assures one a secure connection with these higher entities. One is held and nurtured and much guidance is just a whisper away.

Such a powerful stone, its essence lights the way for one to be healed. This emotional abundance allows one to perceive a new world, by entering the core, it brings one closer to the needs of the soul. Its supports recognition of blocks created by both the ego and the self, and yet has the ability to bring about a sense a power for those maintaining a victim mentality.

Bringing a sense of lightness, peace and joy, this Morganite ring is none other than a tool for one seeking a transition to dwell within the vibrancy of divine love. Unlocking one’s potential to engage life wholeheartedly, one is now able to reclaim their sense of self.

Ring Size – 58   (Ring Size Chart)

Resizing is available. Please contact us at to make arrangements

Source – Madagascar

Weight – 7gm

Dimensions Approximately – 27mm  x  21mm  x  18mm

Health – release old pains and sorrows – heals old wounds – lifts burdens and stresses – instils a sense of peace, joy and inner strength – growth of confidence and inner power – heals fear, resentment and anger – helps to heal attachments to old relationships that have not been resolved – may help to deepen one’s current relationships – brings feelings of peace and acceptance when one is facing grief or deep loss – great stone for stress related illnesses – heals heart and lung conditions such as asthma, emphysema and TB – it may restructure and re-energise cells – ameliorate vertigo – overcome impotence at both physical and emotional levels

Spiritual Health – spurs spiritual growth – lights up life path – great for those seeking serious inner work and emotional healing – supports one seeking soul-mate relationships – connection with angelic realms – attunes one to the energy of abundance – removes blockages from heart to allow reclaiming of self

This Made in Earth design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

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