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December 26, 2021
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Nephrite Jade Pyramid


Holding a vibration that encourages stimulation of one’s life force, the Nephrite Jade Pyramid allows one to entrain with the energies of both joy and abundance.

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Holding a vibration that encourages stimulation of one’s life force, this Nephrite Jade Pyramid allows one to entrain with the energies of both joy and abundance. Aligning one with the flow of divine energy it embodies one to take heed of the beauty and the uniqueness of life within this physical plane.

Encouraging one to link with an energy that helps to strengthen both the physical body and tonify one’s energetic fields, it brings relevance to its potential as a great protector  and its ability to inspire courage, persistence and the ability for one to stand their ground. Used as a talisman it has a long history of portending good luck, and a long peaceful life. Helpful in its action of dispelling negativity, it brings to notice one’s limitations in life.

Medicinally, it is its mineral content that provides its tonic affect.  Not only through it action of enhancing the body’s ability to absorb and utilize both vibrational frequencies and physical nourishment, but it  also yields clearance of energetic debris and blockages within the subtle bodies allowing one to move forward with their navigation of their life journey.

Quite an impressive with its dark hue, it brings in a strong earthly element, providing one with an ally that not only aides both  physical and emotional well-being,  but brings soothing qualities to both the nervous system and even a greater healing effect within  the heart centre.

Allowing one to step beyond the notion of scarcity and lack it brings one to unite with universal energy intent on providing an abundant flow of prosperity.

Weight – 157 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 6 cm  x  5 cm  x  5 cm

HEALTH – may improve acne, skin and hair conditions – asthma, lymphatic system, bones and joints particularly hips – bacterial and viral infections – bladder, kidneys, cystitis and genito -urinary infections – bed wetting – balance and inner ear problems – tonic effect – cleanses the blood and supports the circulatory system – helps with cramps and eye conditions – balance you acid – alkaline levels – helps to decrease pain associated with healing of the body making it a great choice for post surgery – anorexia – fertility or hormonal issues associated with PMS, menopause or irregular menstruation – good for irritability, mood swings and negative thought patterns – insomnia and sleep issues

SPIRITUAL – encourages removal of energetic blockages – addresses self limitations – great stone for dream work –

PROTECTION – dispels negativity – an active talisman that provides a shielding affect against illnesses and diseases, against fear, shock or other negative emotions –  helps to ease night terrors and nightmares


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Weight .157 kg
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 5 cm
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Nephrite Jade