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Rainbow Moonstone Pendulum


Need answers, let this Rainbow Moonstone pendulum act as a tool helping you to connect more closely with your own guidance system.

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Out of all the crystals the Moonstone is the most adept at supporting and encouraging a deeper connection with our intuition, making this Rainbow Moonstone pendulum the perfect choice for those seeking a direct contact with their guidance system. 

It is a stone that brings joy, diverting negativity it prevents entry of these vibes into one’s auric field. Shielding against psychic attack, it provides the protection for those working with their intuition.

Rainbow Moonstone provides a greater sense of being both grounded and centred, aligning and activating all chakras it carries both the light and energy to transform one’s light body to match the needs of the evolving soul.

Such a calming stone it helps with stress, bringing peace and calm. Nourishing to the emotional body, it is most helpful in cleansing and clearing debris and blockages associated with old traumas, grief or sorrow.

This Rainbow Moonstone pendulum makes a great ally for those who are ready to ascend, connecting with the inner self becomes the new way supporting one’s travel on this plane and others. Clearing to the psychic channels it enhances many abilities including clairvoyance.

HEALTH – helps reproductive system including PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding – supports digestive & assimilating nutrients – eliminates toxins & fluid retention – alleviates degenerative conditions of the skin, hair, eyes, liver & pancreas – soothes emotional instability & stress – stabilizes hormones

PROTECTION – protects against psychic attack – averts entry of negativity in auric field

SPIRITUAL – initiates kundalini energy – brings unconscious to the conscious – connects to higher awareness – enhances intuition, empathy and lucid dreaming – connection with guides & higher beings – past life recall – spurs clairvoyance

References –

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