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Rose Quartz Heart


Holding a vibration that brings nurturing of the heart centre to new heights this Rose Quartz Heart is a great allay for those seeking a stone to both support and encourage more compassion, more love not only for the self and others but also for the planet.

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A stone of unconditional love, this Rose Quartz heart brings healing to those seeking a deeper understanding of the true depths of love. Targeting the heart centre, its vibrations delves into the deeper parts of the heart, both healing and allowing one to surrender to the true essence of love. Resonating with a sense of calm, its soothing action brings both peace and a positive aptitude, aligning one with the flow of universal love.

It brings compassion not only for the self but for others, allowing one to enter a space where one’s awareness is aligned with the concept that the ability to love others only becomes to be, when one can in fact love the self. Bringing acceptance spurs a deeper relationship with the inner being, aiding in times of crisis or trauma it is a stone that is truly attuned to nourish and balance the emotions. Releasing heartache and unexpressed emotions brings great relief, allowing one to re-align with the vibration of love, it has the ability of replacing negative energy with a positive vibe.

The Rose Quartz heart makes a great gift for the self or for others. It can bring about new trust and harmony within relationships that require a little help or for those seeking a new love relationship, it can act as a beacon attracting a new love into your life.

Weight – 189 grams

Dimensions Approximately –  7 cm  x  6 cm  x  3 cm

HEALTH – This Rose Quartz Sphere may help with heart health – palpitations – skipped heart beats – irregular heart rhythms – aides chest and lung problems when placed on thymus –  increases fertility – releases feelings of stress, worry, fear, anger and tension – helps with addictions and grief , helps to overcome rape,  trauma or crisis – unconditional love – regulates sexual imbalances – supports kidneys & adrenals – beneficial for vertigo, burns and blistering – helpful for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease and senile Dementia – self-love –  brings serenity and deep peace – restore trust in relationships – helps with heartache – strengthens circulatory system – releases impurities from body fluids – soothes burns and blistering – smoothes complexion – wonderful stone for protection of children – great stone for premature or babies with heart weaknesses

SPIRITUAL HEALTH –  This Rose Quartz Sphere helps to draw off negative energy – uniting with the Divine – it shifts to match the frequency of the planet – aides in embracing the higher and finer frequencies of light

References –

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Weight 0.189 kg
Dimensions 7 × 3 × 6 cm
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Rose Quartz

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