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September 25, 2021
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Shungite Pendulum


Offering one not only protection, this Shungite Pendulum is swift with its interpretations brings through the answers that one seeks,

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If one is seeking a spiritual tool to add to their collection, this Shungite pendulum may be the one that you have been searching for. Holding quite a strong vibration, offering one not only protection, it brings through the answers one seeks with a no – nonsense attitude. Swift with its interpretations, it holds a yang energy, very masculine like. No mucking about with this one.

It seems to have quite a great sense of knowingness and will shake things up for its guardian. Working at a deep physical level it helps to restore balance within the body. It seems to boost everything that is most beneficial for one’s well-being, including the insights that one gains when using this tool.  Helping to counteract the physiological effects of stress is secured by its effect of absorbing that which is hazardous to health, including EMF emissions , WI-FI, free radicals and more. Unlike other pendulums, this Shungite pendulum’s personality is most forthright and will attract a soul more aligned with this type of energy.

Such a lively piece, this Shungite pendulum is a must have for those seeking guidance on any matter. Please remember when asking questions ensure your mind is clear as our emotions can effect the outcomes and may cause inaccurate interpretations. Regular cleansing of your pendulum is indicated to ensure accuracy is maintained at all times.

Source – Russia

Weight -15 grams

Dimensions Approximately –  4.5 cm  x  1.6 cm  x  1.8 cm   (chain length not included)


References –

Hall, Judy., 2011, The Crystal Bible, Goldfields Press, China

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