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Smoky Quartz Bangle


Such a gorgeous piece, this Smoky Quartz bangle brings one’s grounding to a whole new level. A must have for those that have difficulty staying on this plane.

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Such a gorgeous piece, this Smoky Quartz bangle brings one’s grounding to a whole new level. A must have for those that have difficulty staying on this plane, the four embedded Smoky Quartz stones helps one to align to the energies of the Earth. It is this anchoring that brings one to attune to a frequency that not only brings stamina and vitality but a vibration intent on building firm foundations that brings a sense of security and stability. Helping one to come back into their body is of enormous value for many reasons as I will mention, but another stand out, is the ability to manifest one’s desired reality on this plane. Birthed within the etherical realms one’s ability to remain within body allows for an easy transition of one’s desires into the physical.

An antidote to stress, its helps to neutralize negative energy, clearing the space it brings clarity, lifts feelings of depression and fear uniting one with a sense of calmness. Promoting positive thought it brings notice to those things that you need to leave behind. Aiding in concentration, improving communication skills, this Smoky Quartz bangle exudes a vibration that is most useful at cleansing and clearing one’s auric field. Due to its exposure to radiation, it makes a great aide to counteract detrimental electromagnetic fields.

The more you learn about Smoky Quartz the more you realize it is a must have stone in anyone’s crystal collection. Purifying and protective, it has the ability to unite one with higher frequency energies. A great aide for meditation, it is most successful in the transition from beta to alpha states of mind. Simply by wearing this Smoky Quartz bangle has a most positive effect of eliminating bad moods.

When we consider the number of stones used in this piece of jewellery, four, as mentioned earlier. In regards to numerology it further affirms qualities such as the ability to provide stability and support, signifying order and calmness. This union of both stone and number is of no mistake, for those seeking an ally to support them on their journey of life.

Source – Brazil

Weight –  8gm

Dimensions Approximately – 6.3cm  x  6.3cm  x  0.7cm

HEALTH – helps with stress, depression & fear – calming – alleviates  suicidal tendencies – effective for aliments of the abdomen, hips & legs – relieves pain including headaches – benefits reproductive system, muscle, nerve tissue & heart – dissolves cramps – helps to assimilate minerals – regulates fluids within body system – assists kidneys and other organs of elimination to remove toxins from the body – smoky quartz prevents the appearance of healing crises from occurring – supports vitality – great for those that feel drained – fortifies the nerves – eliminates and detoxes on all levels – eliminates nightmares – dissolves negative emotions – promotes positive thoughts – spurs concentration – eliminates communication difficulties – excellent for radiation related illnesses, chemotherapy, sunburn or exposure to radioactive materials – pain relief – eradicates bad moods

PROTECTION – shields against any negativity and helps to neutralize it back into earth – similar to sage it helps to clear and cleanse ones auric field – protects against electromagnetic fields and radiation, whether environmental or precipitated through exposure to radioactive material, sunburn, radiation therapy, or electronic devices & computers – protects against psychic attack

SPIRITUAL – helps to ground one’s energies allowing one to both receive & engage in higher frequency ranges – shines a light on gifts hidden within your inner being – aides in clearing the mind and increasing vibrations during meditation – facilitates movement between alpha and beta states of mind – cleanses and clears the auric field – its vibrations may initiate one’s abilities to view ghosts, UFO’s, fairies and spirit guides

This Made in Earth bangle has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

References –

Hall, J 2003, The Crystal Bible, Goldsfield Press, China

Simmons, S. Ahsian, N 2007, The Book of Stones Who They Are & What They Teach, North Atlantic Books Berkley, California





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Weight 0.008 kg
Dimensions 6.3 × .7 × 6.3 cm
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Smoky Quartz

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