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Sodalite Generator


The Sodalite Generator’s vibrations allows its guardian to entrain with a frequency equipped to supply an awakening to one’s spiritual senses.

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Wow what a treasure trove of benefits belies this Sodalite Generator. Not only a stunning looking stone including both its hue and shape, but its true magic lies within the vibrations that it emits to allows its guardian to entrain with a frequency equipped to supply an awakening to one’s spiritual senses.

Targeting both the third eye and Pineal gland, one soon finds their perception of what is is transformed, to be more attuned to a higher sense of self as the higher mind and its connection with source rapidly unites with one’s logical aspect of the brain. One’s intuition becomes heightened and one no longer entertains those self defeating thoughts that prevents one from taking heed of what their innate wisdom is trying to tell them via that knowingness that is sensed and felt yet most often disregarded.  Those gut feels now become highlighted and trusted, and navigation of one’s journey begins to take place on a much higher level.

Providing spiritual insights and psychic vision, it is an important ally or spiritual tool for those that journey either via dream-time, or Shamanic navigation and wish to recall the many symbols and scenes presented but most often are forgotten. The Sodalite acts like the witness and provides one with a objective recall to what took place. A stone that provides an impetus for a much deeper meditation, or can be used to induce lucid dreaming, hypnotic or trance states. Allowing access into the sub subconscious can bring multi-leveled understanding on all levels.

The Sodalite brings emotional balance. Calming to those that suffer phobias, fears, stress, panic attacks and anxiety, it encourages self-trust, self-acceptance and self-esteem. It is a most useful stone that may help to eliminate old mental conditioning that creates rigid mind sets, supporting one in opening to newer insights is a way that allows for healing and transformation to take place.

The Sodalite Generator encourages one to merge and unite with the inner self, allowing awareness of shadow aspects to be brought to the surface for both release and acceptance. A drive for truth and the ability to stay true to the self soon inspires one to stand up for your beliefs.

Weight – 150 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 7.2 cm  x  4.2 cm  x  4.2 cm

HEALTH – Sodalite Generator may help to heal disordered mind – encourages rational thought – integrates new information – enhances self-esteem – relieves symptoms of dyslexia and dyspraxia – calms panic attacks – brings emotional balance – balances metabolism – overcomes calcium deficiencies – cleanses lymphatic systems and organs – boosts the immune system – combats radiation damage – treats the throat, vocal cords and larynx – good for insomnia – helpful for hoarseness & digestive disorders – cools fevers, lowers blood pressure – stimulates absorption of fluid in the body – helpful for those sensitive to ‘sick building syndrome’ – eliminates mental confusion – calms the mind – may  support those with fears, phobias and guilt – builds self -esteem – reduces stress and anxiety via its ability to allow one to view this reality from a higher aspect of self

PROTECTION – protects against electromagnetic pollution, placing Sodalite on computers to block their emanations

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – opens spiritual insight – brings information from higher mind to physical – stimulates the third eye, pineal gland – deepens meditative states – increases intuitive perception – release of old mental conditioning – brings self acceptance – opens one to the authentic self – can induce hypnotic, trance states or used for lucid dreaming – may act as a guided during  dream-time, or shamanic journeying – may open one’s psychic perception without ego attachment –  spiritual growth – helps to recall one’s dreams and journeys

References –

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