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Tigers Eye Pendulum


This Tigers Eye pendulum is a great crystal tool that allows one to connect with their own intuition. Bringing through the answers that one may seek.

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This Tigers Eye pendulum is a great ally in supporting one’s own delivery into connection with their own intuition. Often times when one questions their own ability to come up with the answers, the use of the pendulum helps to transport one into a space where one becomes reunited again with their higher self.

Such an earthy stone, that allows one to embed their energies deep into the Earth, this grounding, anchoring effect is most beneficial particularly for those who seem spacey or scattered in thought. Helping to realign the left with the right hemispheres of the brain, this attunement unites the spiritual with the physical, improving mental clarity, intellect and perception, one becomes the master of bringing coherence to any situation. Allowing one to look beyond the dualities one becomes adept at bringing about harmonious outcomes.

The Tigers Eye stone was used in times of old as a talisman. Considered to be very protective, making it a must have in this day and age. Supporting healthier perceptions of self, it helps those with self-worth issues encouraging one to downplay their own attack of criticism, bringing through the recognition of one’s gifts and talents and the ability to use them to forge ahead.

Tigers Eye is great for vitality and energy, balancing both the Ying with the Yang, this pendulum has multiple uses that aim to bring harmony, coherence and support for those seeking answers.

Weight – 16gm

Dimensions Approximately – 50mm  x  20mm  (chain not included in measurements)

Health – balances the left with the right hemispheres of the brain – helps with depression, lifts moods addresses addictive behaviour, personality disorders and issues with low self-worth issues – improves mental clarity and intellect – eliminates feelings of being scattered of thought – treats the eyes – heals the throat – great for the reproductive system – dissolves constrictions – helps to repair broken bones – spurs vitality – instils a calm, centred demeanour – supports one will to take action on this plane of reality – blood fortifier – strengthens the endocrine system bringing balance to hormones and the biochemical aspects of the body

Protection – against ill wishing and curses

Spiritual – grounding – placed on third eye encourages enhanced psychic abilities – balances lower chakras – spurs the rising of Kundalini energy – aides night visions – connects one to the Christ consciousness – balances the spiritual with the physical – moves one out of duality

References –

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Tigers Eye

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