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Wand Chevron Amethyst Rose Quartz


This Wand Chevron Amethyst Rose Quartz brings healing to a whole new level, gaining access to information that allows one to grasp the fundamentals of spiritual healing.

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This Wand Chevron Amethyst Rose Quartz  brings healing to a whole new level. The diversity of the Chevron variety of Amethyst brings forth a crystal tool that was purely designed to do this type of work.

Firstly lets consider the Chevron Amethyst, holding the same attributes of the normal varieties including properties of protection, purification, divine connection and spiritual expansion. However the underlying difference foresees one entraining with a vibration, that brings one into a state that allows the holder to gain aspects and entry into other portals and domains to access information that allows one to grasp the fundamentals of spiritual healing.

Touted to be one of the finest stones for the third eye it stimulates visions into other planes of existence both within oneself and with the outermost worlds. Thus a great choice for journeying and retrieval of needed information to encourage better results during a healing session. Furthermore it facilitates enhanced interpretations of the auric field assisting one to identify key areas that require more attention.

At its apex sits a clear Quartz sphere, that is totally removable. Touted to be a Master Healer  crystal with its abilities of targeting areas that require the therapeutic touch, one is gifted with a fine precision tool that knows where the energies need to go. Additionally the Clear Quartz carries the property of amplification which brings through a total amping up of the vibrations of all the different crystals included in this tool, that of the Chevron Amethyst, Rose Quartz and the embedded Citrine stones found both at the top and bottom of this wand.

Opening doorways to other dimensional realms the consciousness of this wand will not only accompany one on their journey but also provide both guidance and most importantly protection.

Whether one is intercepting the under-world, middle world or higher worlds its assistance almost merges with your own consciousness creating a combined unity of higher awareness. Regardless if one is seeking to support healing for oneself or for another its participation foresees a greater connection with the whole. Pure source intervention. Its almost as if it cocoons you within a formless space, so powerful is its vibration an intense heat is not uncommon.

With the addition of a Rose Quartz point allows for a loving energy with a fine vibration accompanied with the Citrine providing a powerful cleansing, balancing and regenerating effect, both absorbing and transmuting the presence of negative energy.

This Chevron Amethyst Rose Quartz wand features a potent combination of crystals imbuing this wand as a most distinctive tool for one walking the path of a healer.

Source – Made in India

Weight – 120gm

Dimensions Approximately – 16.5cm  x  2.5cm  x  2.8cm

HEALTH –  This Chevron Amethyst Rose Quartz Wand – boosts production of hormones – supports endocrine system – strengthens immune system – releases tension – eases headaches – treats insomnia – reduces bruising, injuries and swelling – hearing disorders – skin conditions – cellular disorders – removing parasites – regulating flora – treats digestive tract disorders

PROTECTION  – protects and blocks geopathic stress – guard’s against psychic attack – against negative environmental energies – provides protection on all levels

SPIRITUAL  – Chevron Amethyst  expansion of conscious awareness – connects one to guides – increase psychic ability and intuition – bridges a connection to spirit – supports influx of higher frequencies of light

This  Made in Earth Wand Chevron Amethyst Rose Quartz has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

References –

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Weight 0.119 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 2.5 × 2.8 cm
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Amethyst, Chevron Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz, Rose Quartz