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Many are on a quest seeking to become more in tune with oneself. The stones found in this section supports one on many different levels. But ultimately, they encourage the elevation of consciousness by providing the right vibrational tools that aim to develop one’s spiritual growth and development.


All crystals offer health benefits. Viewing this collection, you will be sure to find the right crystal for the malady that you wish to address. Whether it be for stress or mending a broken bone let the vibrational energies of the stone bring you back into a place of balance and harmony.


This selection of crystals provides one with a cloak of protection . Shielding against negativity these stones are a powerful ally when one requires a 24/7 defense system.

‘Stones do have a consciousness and are very much alive’

Reiki Healing and Tuition

Rediscover yourself on a whole new level with this ancient old healing technique. Reiki not only brings one back to a state of balance and harmony but also supports one in awakening to the truths held within.

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Reiki Healing

In clinic and distant healing.

Reiki Tuition

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About Us

The birthing of Conscious Stones was motivated by my love of crystals and wanting to share that with others. As time has gone on my connection with these natures gifts have truly expanded allowing me to communicate with them on a whole new level.

It is now time for me to impart this knowledge. Not only do I aspire to bring awareness to the wisdom that they hold and to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each stone but to also bring forth their potential to aid in healing, growth, and transformation.

Being in the health industry for many years, with a degree in Nutrition, I believe there needs to be a balance. So the focus should not only be directed toward supporting the physical needs of the body but also supporting the whole, Mind, Body and Soul. This stimulated my interest in the science of energy and led me to study the art of Reiki and many other energy related modalities. Crystals too have a role to play in complementing good health strategies. In fact, they work at every level. From the very basic, sustaining cellular function and physical health and upwards and beyond nourishing at a soul level.