What to expect from a Reiki healing

Hands are placed lightly on a fully clothed recipient. Sometimes my hands may not even touch. The experience varies from person to person. Some may feel warm to hot tingling, others feel soft waves of subtle pulsation of energy flowing through their bodies.

Some fall asleep while others may visualize colours or have visions. Sometimes memories may arise, and it almost feels like you are within a dream state. Regardless of what you may experience during the session in most cases a certain lightness of spirit and a state of well-being proceeds. Please be mindful though, the practice of Reiki works on all levels. So, some detox symptoms may appear after the treatment, in the up and coming days or weeks. Some may be physical like cold or flu symptoms, body aches and pains, headaches or even fatigue.

On a mental or emotional level presentation of unprovoked crying, emotional outbursts, sadness and or even anger may appear. On a spiritual level we may have realisations or a significant change in our perceptions and how we now experience life, everyone is so different. With that said we really need to be kind to ourselves during post treatments until we fully integrate the changes that have taken place. Just remember this is a good thing, the symptoms suggest that the session has dislodged some blockages held within your energetic body, this is where all dis-ease first appears before it presents within the physical. So, by clearing the flow of energy, held within the meridian system we may establish good health and wellbeing

How does distant healing work?

Symbols are very powerful tools that can behave or exist as a language that allows communication within the spiritual realm, permitting us to tap into the universe and not be restricted by time, space, or distance.

 The symbol therefore acts like a cosmic telephone that allows one to connect or tune into the energy frequency of the person requiring the healing regardless of their location. The address we need to connect into is the recipient’s name and location or we can even use his or her photo. Both of these elicit a certain energy frequency and are considered to be their ‘unique energy signature’. The power of intention is supported by quantum physics stating that the energy will flow where the attention is directed.

So, by using a specific symbol we can connect or tune into the energy of the person requiring the Reiki session and by having the intention the healing will flow directly to them regardless of their location. Similar to an In-Clinic healing, an appointment is made for a time and day and despite the client not being within hands reach they are still expected to make themselves comfortable either by sitting or lying down with eyes shut for the duration of the session. In this manner they will have more awareness of what took place during the healing. However, even if these guidelines are not followed the healing will still take place.

Reiki Healing

If one is seeking to enter a deeper relationship with oneself, then let the journey begin with this ancient old healing technique. Opening one to the energies that nourishes at every level, allows one to return to a space of unity.

Energy Exchange

In clinic and distant healing.
Reiki sessions – $99 per hour.

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