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July 11, 2018
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Azurite on Sandstone Matrix

Azurite, a stone that permeates one’s energetic blueprint with such a force, initiated my first meeting with this deep blue stone to enter a surreal state of being. Known to carry the same frequency as the third eye when one begins to entrain with this stone, a pulsation can soon be felt within the middle of your forehead, so distinct, this pressure brings one’s focus to this centre before opening your awareness to the many portals of exits for one to enter and roam.

Quite potent in this action it creates an impetus of thrusting one into multiple realms if one seeks. As a key it unlocks the dormancy of your minds eye, stimulating its awakening one gains access into the many worlds that exist beyond the senses.

Embodiment of a frequency so strong, it offers activation of the crown centre, opening one to the delights of connecting to a higher source of being. This activation is so powerful, one is gifted with the development of spiritual growth tending towards enlightenment. Bringing one closer to awakening to the true spirit of being that exists beyond the illusion of this reality, this attunement to higher guidance that dwells within one’s physical vehicle is actually one merging with their innate wisdom better known as our intuition. This sense becomes highlighted and enhanced, as one entrains with the fusion of vibrations offered by the Azurite.

Azurite Specimen

If one is seeking a stone that will help stimulate and enhance one’s psychic faculties, then Azurite is a great choice. Helping one to both develop and strengthen these qualities, the expanded consciousness that arises assists in bringing through greater insights and visions. It allows the medium and or the psychic to bring through readings with a greater accuracy, bound by impartiality, the information that is passed on is gauged without judgement or the opinions of the reader. As too channelled information is delivered in a raw state without the addition of one’s own clouded perceptions, offering clear, concise, truthful  information wavering from a bias point of view. So, yes this stone offers truthful expression and truthful deliverance of wisdom sourced from behind the veil.

Offering such a bounty of gifts, the Azurite so named, from its colouring of Azure blue, brings through clarity of the mind. Great for the intellect, one becomes open to the vastness of knowledge, improving both focus, memory and assimilation of information, one becomes adept at tackling challenging concepts, bringing through a higher perception one is able to gain greater understandings, thereby reaching better outcomes. A great stone for students or intellects alike, its stimulation of the mind centres brings with it a greater capacity of joining the dots and linking the bigger picture.

The ability to travel beyond the body is an extra bonus, providing both safe and ease of travel one may also be privy to accessing past or parallel life information. Strengthening, clearing and aligning all subtle bodies with the physical, enables one to be shielded against potential psychic attacks or attachments. Particularly useful at sealing holes that may present within the auric field, one is less likely to suffer fatigue through associated energetic loss.

Azurite commonly found within a matrix including Malachite

The acceptance of opening to a newer reality yet to be conceived, enables both awareness and release of old perceptions and old beliefs. It may ask of you to take a step or better still a leap into the unknown, into a more aligned state without entertaining thoughts of fear that tends to hold one back, enabling one to shed these old patterns that have kept one within a programmed state for so long.

Most protective, the Azurite allows one to sense the truth. It almost acts to pull back the curtain revealing the true motives behind the actions of both ourselves and others. Awakening one to the potential inauthenticity, it places the limelight on the ego and the intentions allowing the truth to rise to the surface, making it a great tool to not only be able to read between the lines, but also ensure one is not misled in any situation.

Raising one’s consciousness, the connection that is made ushers a powerful attunement with a frequency that allows one to reach higher levels of awareness. Helping to purge negative emotions such as stress, fear, phobias,worry, grief and or sadness. One steps into a space where an understanding is reached in relation to the causes behind their presence.

Holding many healing properties, it may treat many various physical symptoms. Ranging from throat and thyroid issues, joints and arthritic conditions. Kidney, gallbladder, liver and spleen deficits. Bones, teeth and skin afflictions. In particular, Azurite is quite adept at treating the mind and the mental processes, soothing to migraines and alleviating to tinnitus and vertigo, it is a most useful antidote in relieving mental stress.

Its embodiment of a resonance demonstrative of the blue ray places this Azurite stone on the top of the pile. So pure in its vibration one cannot go past adding one of these gorgeous stones to their collection. How lucky we are to have access to gifts found within nature to help one flourish on this new Earth plane.

Presently we have in store quite a powerful little Azurite pendant that will help guide one during this time of ascension.


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