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June 11, 2018
August 11, 2018
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Cavansite atop Stilbite

Cavansite, radiating the purest blue vibrations it truly is a must have. Its entrainment brings one to a pure state of sublime rapture. Opening one to the essence behind the veil one slips from a state of separation into a space of unity. The ‘I am’ presence becomes paramount as one begins to dwell within the still point.

A stone with many qualities and a reputation for both its rarity and costly expense, it is only found in a handful of sites around the world. Discovered back in 1967 within the location of Malheur County, Oregon, we are now seeing higher quality and larger pieces with an intense blue being sourced from Poona, India. Being quite a difficult mineral to cut into gemstones to be fashioned into jewellery, has pushed prices up in comparison to specimens found on the market. It is not uncommon to find the Cavansite, in ball form atop a matrix of Apophyllite or other zeolite type minerals such as Stillbite, Calcite, Quartz or rarer still with Pentagonite, depending on their country of origin.

Cavansite found sitting atop Pentagonite

Containing such beauty of both the visual and subtle, the Cavansite stone is quite powerful in bringing through an attunement with a frequency that both awakens and targets the pituitary and pineal glands centred behind the third eye. Its activation brings through many gifts. Allowing one to enter into a relationship with a stone that brings one to coalesce within the spiritual realms, one becomes quite adept and opens to an expanded consciousness. Embodied within the vibrancy of Cavansite, is a frequency so strong that it pulses with such a fury bringing one in alignment within the very core of its nature.

Opening and enhancing many psychic abilities it tends to sharpen one’s skills of clairvoyance and clairaudience. Intuition becomes heightened, one may become proficient at mediumship, psychokinesis, psychometry, remote viewing and more. In the world of the spiritual there is no limitation, there is only limitation of the mind.

Enhanced communication is stimulated via the uniting of both the third eye with the throat centre. This union brings about clear insight allowing one to both perceive and understand the inner truths that dwell within us. Cavansite offers the gift of entering into higher frequencies that allows us to gain access into entry points to conceive higher levels of knowledge and truths, that we can now become both aware and articulate with more understanding. Remember everything is within us, Cavansite just acts like a key opening doorways for one to access higher frequency fields and planes of knowledge.

With that said, Cavansite is renowned for its ability to attune those wanting to perceive the Akashic records. Used as a tool within meditation practises one may develop the skill of attuning to these higher frequencies. Furthermore, it has the additional properties of supporting those that channel information or would like to enter into this realm of faculty. Assisting one in this capacity it allows one to step aside and just allow the flow of one’s truth and insights to be articulated without doubt or interference of thought.

A stone that brings one much closer to the realms of higher guidance, it spurs one’s awareness to elevated levels. We may see connection with new guides and teachers and progression of one’s spiritual growth, as one becomes awakened to a new sense of revelation, understanding and joy.

On an emotional level, Cavansite is most useful for those that lack direction, are in states of hopelessness, confused and or disillusioned. Helping to overcome these dispositions its vibration brings about a renewed state of energy. Offering one optimism, opening one to the delights of embracing the future with an eager curiosity, willingness and excitement, one bounds forward full of courage ready to move beyond the apathy.

Soothing to the emotional body it brings about a state of calm, nurturing to the nervous system one is allowed to relax and let go of outdated thoughts and feelings. Preventing one getting stuck within their mind, it encourages one to speak the truth in difficult situations bringing through both humility and strength, one can conquer their fears of saying what needs to be said.

Cavansite, truly a treasure found snuggled within the earth. Nurturing to the soul and spirit it brings one closer to the awakening that one seeks.

At present we have some Cavansite jewellery in store, sourced from Poona, India.  A clear Quartz Laser pendant with a Cavansite sitting on top, and another little Pendant of Cavansite atop a bed of polished silver. Additionally we now have new in instore Cavansite tumbles.






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