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May 11, 2018
July 11, 2018
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Macro image of Astrophyllite

Astrophyllite –

One day I came across a gemstone that created an instant connection, the entrainment was so strong, that I knew that I had to have this one. As soon as I held it in the palm of my hand I took off at the speed of light. Acting like an instant transporter, it opened a gateway into the realms of surreal. I don’t know how long I stood there in this transfixed state, but I do know it was difficult to return back to this reality and to be honest I was quite happy where I was.

This was my first meeting with this amazing stone. So precious, Astrophyllite is considered to be quite rare, due to its limited availability. They were first found in 1854 on Laven Island, Norway. With varying appearances, Astrophyllite can be found in a range of colours from brown, coppery bronze to golden yellow. Its lustre may present with a submetallic appearance. Forming in a bladed fashion, star bursts often occur within its matrix. Made up of hydrous potassium iron titanium silicate it has a hardness rating of 3.5. Most specimens on the market at present are coming from Russia, but sources are also found in Greenland and the USA.

A macro image of Astrophyllite

I have always had an affinity with high frequency stones that enables one to travel beyond the body into other planes and realities. This act in itself creates a stepping stone for interdimensional journeys and galactic communication with other beings. It has been said that they not only help to precipitate these experiences, but they also act as a guide and protector during your travels.

During a meditation with this stone there were lines of golden light emanating from the crystal going in all directions connecting to many gridlines within the cosmos. I soon found myself too splitting into multiples and connecting with those infinite lines of golden light. Full expression of the interconnectedness that co-exists with all that is, I found myself on the brink of total bliss.

Truly a gift from nature, one may uncover the true reason why one is walking the Earth. Inherent within our light body a sacred pattern is interwoven within our matrix. Astrophyllite has the ability to help one to realign with this inner framework, guiding one’s awareness to a whole new level of bringing one’s divine blueprint into action. As an ally it can help propel you into a reality that was pre-designed before your entry into this realm. By keeping the crystal within your energy space, it has the capacity to manifest little synchronicities to appear in one’s life, signalling opportunities to help with one’s direction if one is lost.

Astrophyllite specimen

Further research has uncovered its ability to help activate, charge, and align all our chakra centres, from the Earth Star up to the Soul Star. Essentially this helps to strengthen our energy fields, protecting us from harmful energies. This includes cloaking one against the effects of electromagnetic pollution that is ever evading our environment right now. Acting like a shield one may be protected against radio waves, mobile phones & towers, and radioactivity.

Infusing one with the full light spectrum of light ensures one’s energetic system is receiving all frequencies vital to one’s energetic profile. Similar to nutrients being crucial to sustain physical health, these light frequencies are essential to maintain one’s energetic bodies to support both physical and spiritual health and growth.

Astrophyllite assists in shining a light to reveal shadow aspects of ourselves, so that we can not only become aware of our wholeness and step into a state of acceptance, but then allows one to fully embrace and love who we truly are. Accentuating the need to live a life with more potential, one with which includes becoming more conscious in supporting the evolving soul. We allow the natural progression of the ascension to take us to a place of discovering our authentic selves.

Quite powerful, Astrophyllite is a stone that will ultimately bring one to a state of realizing the self as a multi-dimensional being. Not only can one telepathically commune with others on other planes including ET’s, but also enables this telepathic gift to be used here on this plane allowing one to decipher psychic information on a much higher level. Time travel, entry into realms of the astral and galactic domains is a mere walk in the park. One may even enter past life civilisations such as Atlantis to gain wisdom and knowledge.

Truly an amazing stone with many varied benefits. We may see on a physical level it assisting with detoxing, cholesterol issues and cell regrowth. It supports the reproductive system addressing things like the reproductive organs, related hormones, PMS, fertility and menopause. Supports those individuals that may suffer various sensitivities including those related to noise, light, chemical or food. It is most helpful in regulating the nervous system and improves brain function.

On an emotional level it allows one to become one with their fears, bringing them back into a state of empowerment. Illuminating the soul, one awakens to the unity and the beauty of the true self.

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