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Calming, grounding and healing this Baltic Amber Ring is ideal in bringing about the vibrations and energy to support one’s travels on this plane and others.

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Calming, grounding and healing this Baltic Amber Ring is ideal in bringing about the vibrations and energy to support one’s travels on this plane and others. Not actually a crystal but solidified tree resin, Amber is becoming more and more popular as the Earths inhabitants are seeking natural resources to help support and encourage their well-being on all levels.

As Amber has become more and more available, we are seeing a great variation in prices, quality and sources of this gorgeous golden panacea. So, to offer some insight, the Baltic Amber is by far considered to be the finest, formed from the tree resin of Coniferous trees dated some 30 to 60 million years ago.

It’s no mistake that people’s innate wisdom is drawn to its vibrations, it offers many gifts that both support and nurture’s its guardian. A powerful chakra cleanser and healer it helps to draw disease from the body. Absorbing pain and negative energy it allows the body to heal itself.

Its grounding effect offers so many benefits including increased life force spurring vitality and stamina. It brings strength, security, stability and balance, helping to alleviate stress, depression, fear and worries. Bringing peace and calm, its inner light brings warmth offering a nurturing affect, it is greatly valued for those convalescing.

Being a good source of light energy, Amber is a great ally in providing a link for one to make contact with not only intergalactic inter-dimensional star beings, but it also opens the gateway for one to commune with the fairy and fae, nature Deva’s and crop circle makers. Assisting one in the ability to assimilate more light energy, it is particularly beneficial for those that are here during this time of ascension to assist with the shift, helping to prepare the physical body to integrate a greater succession of light. It brings notice to any resistance that may forestall one’s personal evolution.

So, if one is seeking an ally that not only encourages more energy, a positive outlook, mentally stimulating, offering a sense of peace and calm then this Amber ring may be what you’re looking for.

Ring size – 8 .5- adjustable (This ring has the capacity to be adjusted to suit your size). 

Click on this link to check your ring size if unsure – (Ring Size Chart)

Weight – 7 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 2.5 cm x 1.7 cm

HEALTH – powerful healer – anti-inflammatory – absorbs pain – reduces risk of infection – stimulates the body to heal itself – purifying – draws disease from the body – great for convalescing – Supports seasonal affective disorder SAD –  soothing – calms the brain and nervous system – tissue revitalization – helps to counteract suicidal , depressive tendencies – stimulates the intellect – promotes positive outlook – clears depression – alleviates stress – treats goiters and other throat problems – it treats stomach, spleen, kidneys, bladder, liver and gallbladder – alleviates joint problems – strengthens mucous membranes – as an elixir great for wound healing and natural antibiotic – longevity – wear for prolonged periods

PROTECTION – This Amber ring helps to absorb negative energies transmuting them – protects chakras – powerful protection during shamanic journeys

SPIRITUAL – grounding – connects to inter-dimensional, galactic star beings, fairies and fae, Nature Deva’s, Crop circle makers – assists in integrating more light – balances the masculine and feminine energies  – aligns the physical body with the etheric improving health – links one into higher spiritual reality – brings wisdom – powerful chakra cleanser and protector – evolve to higher awareness – great for sealing the auric field after entity removal or healing work pertaining to clearance of negative patterns – supports journeys to the lower worlds

This Stones and Silver design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

References –

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Weight 0.006 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 1.7 cm
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Amber, Baltic Amber

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