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Calcite Clear Quartz Geode’s


These Calcite Clear Quartz  Geode’s are a must have for those seeking a powerful cleanser to clear their space of negative energy.

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These Calcite Clear Quartz Geode’s are a must have in any environment. Not only are they simply gorgeous and will fit into any décor but they also have great properties and attributes. Sourced from Morocco, the combination of both Calcite and clear Quartz are both effectively known as powerful amplifier’s. Where ever they are placed they help to cleanse and clear the energy within the space, whether stagnant or negative, its resonance is most effective in delivering one within a calm, cleansed environment that not only acts on its surrounds but also brings unity with the subtle and physical bodies. Attuning one to a higher levels of consciousness it acts as an impetus in speeding one’s development and spiritual growth.

Linked to the higher realms, its vibrations encourages the heightening of one’s own gifts, breaking open the gateway for one to coalesce beyond the veil, spurs an onset of psychic abilities, channelling and out-of-body experiences. Increasing one’s awareness it brings the gift of deep soul healing. Aligning, cleansing and revitalizing all of the subtle bodies brings a balanced attunement bringing harmony on all levels.

Calcite know as a cure all and Quartz as the master healer, their combination of frequencies brings forth a powerful antidote to all that ails you. These Calcite Clear Quartz Mini Geodes delivers a sanction of positivity, with stabilizing effects it instils a calmness and serenity, stimulating hope and motivation, it aides in becoming more energetic on every level.

SOURCE – Morocco

Weight – 2.496gm

Dimensions Approximately – 14cm  x  13.5cm  x  17.5cm

HEALTH – These Calcite Clear Quartz Geode’s help with detoxification – cleanses the organs of elimination – encourages calcium uptake – dissolves calcification – strengthening to the skeleton and joints – alleviates intestinal and skin conditions – stimulates blood clotting and tissue healing – fortifies the immune system – can encourages growth in small children – cure all – master healer – alleviates emotional stress

SPIRITUAL – cleanses and activates all chakra centres – aligns one with higher consciousness – speeds spiritual growth and development – initiates psychic abilitites – out of body experiences and channelling – opens and cleanses the inner and outer eyes – cleanser of energy – heightens one’s awareness

References –

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Additional information
Weight 2.496 kg
Dimensions 14 × 13.5 × 17.5 cm
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Calcite Clear, Calcite, Clear Quartz, Quartz

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