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Cavansite Pendant


Nurturing to both body and soul, this Cavansite pendant brings one closer to the awakening that one seeks.

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Connecting with this Cavansite Pendant brings an instantaneous download. Its explosive entry into one’s psyche assumes the driving seat, allowing a downpouring of energetic data. Like a living library it shares its knowledge and opens the many gateways so one may travel to different levels of consciousness.

The circle encompasses the symbiotic connotations associated with the such, that there is no beginnings and with that no end. Bringing in its energetic design within this pendant, one begins to not only realise but partake in this notion when one is allowed to feel the essence of its entrainment. Everything that is felt or seen brings forth a kaleidoscope of wonderous insights for one to ponder. Cavansite is surely a stone that brings one not only expanded awareness but acts as a key for one to open and allow an outpouring of gifts, so that one may walk their path on this earthly plane geared with the magic that is already interwoven into one’s fabric, but yet to be accessed.

Aligning with the energies of this Cavansite pendant, one embodies the blue ray. One cannot but help to feel inspired, excited and a sense of joy and calm. It is a transitional stone and allows one to enter the next level of spiritual growth if one seeks. It may support those that wish to channel, enhancing intuition, it aides with other faculties such as mediumship, psychokinesis, psychometry, remote viewing, interdimensional travel and more

When one holds this stone be ready for the ride. This Cavansite pendant is not only a gorgeous piece of crystal jewellery it is truly an ally for those searching for a change in direction, those that have become disillusioned and or despondent. Bringing emotional release one enters into states of courage and takes on a new outlook on life, one that will offer a passage toward enlightenment.

Source  –  India

Weight – 4gm

Dimensions Approximately – 32mm  x  30mm  x  8mm

HEALTH  –  soothing to the emotions & frayed nerves – helps one to relax & let go –  spurs energy & excitement – overcomes feelings of hopelessness, lack of direction & confusion – brings one joy – stimulates endocrine system especially the pituitary  & pineal glands – helps counter stress related diseases –  migraines & headaches included

SPIRITUAL GROWTH  – connects with guides – enhances the ability to see energies – expansion of one’s consciousness – spiritual growth – attunes one to gain access to Akashic records  – helps one to channel spiritual information – enhances many psychic abilities like clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, prophecy, remote viewing, mediumship, spurs spiritual enlightenment – great for mediation

This Made in Earth pendant been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed. Chain not included.

References –

Eason, C, 2010, The New Crystal Bible, Carlton Books P/L, London

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