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Kyanite Green Pendant


Connecting you to nature, this Kyanite Green pendant allows one to feel the universal energies. It’s not long before its vibration floods your whole body with a pulsating energy.

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The Kyanite family carries an exceptionally high frequency, making this little Kyanite green pendant no different. Once it’s in your hands you can feel quite an intense buzz. It’s not long before the pulsating vibration reaches every part of your body.

In nature we find Kyanite in variations of colour. Even though they still possess the same key qualities as a whole, due to the varying colours, each one carries a slight difference in vibration. These subtle differences provide additional attributes in what they may have to offer.

A great stone that allows one to align with the spiritual. Green Kyanite, acting as a bridge allows one to connect and feel the universal energies via its connection with nature. A great ally that opens many portals. Not only that of the inner for self exploration. But also connection with the Nature Spirits and Devas spurring access to both the astral and causal planes.

This green Kyanite pendant is very much a heart centred stone. Allowing the wearer to become much more aligned with oneself and setting them on a path where one does not need to seek answers externally. But will gain full  understanding by living their hearts truth through the action of self-exploration.

Source – Namibia 

Weight – 6gm

Dimensions Approximately – 35mm  x  17mm  x  6mm

HEALTH – treats muscular disorders – fevers – the urogenital system – thyroid & parathyroid – adrenal glands – throat – brain – natural pain reliever – heals infections – lowers blood pressure

PROTECTION – protects auric field from intrusion

SPIRITUAL –  this Kyanite Green pendant stimulates third eye & psychic abilities – enhances telepathy and energy transfer between people – communication with higher beings

This Made in Earth pendant has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed. Chain not included.

References –

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Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 2.7 × 1.6 × 4.5 cm
Crystal Type

Kyanite, Kyanite green

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