July 27, 2020
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Celestite Cluster
August 8, 2020
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Howlite Heart


Linking into the spiritual realms, this Howlite heart is a great stone for those seeking a calming stone that not only inspires ambition but protects against negativity.

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This Howlite Heart is a great calming stone. Great for those that suffer insomnia, it is a great antidote when placed under the pillow, helping to still the mind. In this sense it also prepares one to have deeper meditations.

Attuning one to the spiritual realms, Howlite is a great bridging stone that allows one to intercept spiritual wisdom and insights. As an ally it will assist in out of body journey’s, help one gain access into past lives, or travel to different times and dimensions.

This Howlite heart can be used to help inspire ambition, whether in the plane of the material or the spiritual, it aligns one into a space where they are easily achievable.

Teaching patience, this stone acts to enhance and strengthen one’s positive character traits. Howlite assists one in being less critical and selfish, absorbing and negating one’s anger it also protects against uncontrolled anger being directed toward you. Making it a great stone to just pop in your pocket, it will calm any turbulent emotions those that have past life origins.

Weight – 65gm

Dimensions Approximately – 53mm  x  45mm  x  13mm

HEALTH – This Howlite heart will assist with insomnia – balance calcium levels within the body- aides teeth, bones and soft tissue – calming – stills the mind –  dissolves anger – enhances memory – stimulates desire for knowledge

PROTECTION – absorbs negativity – protects against anger being directed at you

SPIRIUTAL – stills the mind – links into the spiritual realms – prepares one to receive spiritual wisdom and insights – great for meditations – assist in journeys out of the body – enables access into past lives –  focusing your sight into the stone can transport your into another time or dimension – placed on the third eye it opens one to the memories of other lives


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