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January 13, 2022
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Moonstone Peridot Ring


This Rainbow Moonstone Peridot Ring is a dynamic combination for those seeking an ally that acts like a powerful elixir for the soul.

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Such a beautiful combination this Rainbow Moonstone Peridot Ring allows an infusion of vibrations to align one to an ally that allows entry deep within. Hidden from view yet woven within the matrix of your very being it provides the depth to enable one to journey and retrieve long lost aspects of oneself. Bringing awareness and acceptance it brings one closer to both unity and wholeness.

Shining her luminous light the Moonstone  brings forth the heeding that as the moon waxes and wanes, so too does nature and the natural balance of life unfolding within the boundaries of cycles. Encouraging one to recognize the value in allowing things to flow and ebb into their life, she brings one closer to understanding the benefits of working with divine timing.

Lets not forget her powerful resonance brings one closer to their intuition, empowering one to trust and bring through their own innate wisdom to help navigate their journey on this plane. So powerful, it will also bring through and enhance the psychic faculty. Helping one to develop and engage in clairvoyance, if one wishes, one’s awareness becomes much more stronger, allowing communication with higher sources of guidance. One begins to become more emphatic and more in tune within their sphere of life. It is a stone that will encourage acceptance of one’s psychic gifts allowing them to develop and unfold as one follows the path towards union with oneself.

Earthy vibrations that encourages and supports the release of old patterns and programs that are no longer serving you, Peridot rapidly pushes you to move forward into a new space holding a whole new frequency. Motivating both growth and an improved state of well-being.

It acts as a powerful cleanser. Working on the many levels including both the physical and energetic bodies. Cleansing and opening the heart space it also makes itself known within the solar plexus area, our power centre.  It helps to reveal and assist in removing blockages associated with distorted levels of self-worth. This allows one to be more open to receiving universal abundance on all levels. Manifesting increases not only in wealth and prosperity,  but also with good health including both physically and emotionally. There is more joy, more clarity and more confidence. Basically more of everything.

It inspires one to seek counsel within. Looking more for guidance from your own higher-self. This Rainbow Moonstone Peridot Ring is a dynamic combination for those seeking an ally that acts like a powerful elixir for the soul.

Ring Size – 6.75  (Ring Size Chart)

Stones Sourced from – India and Pakistan

HEALTH – Moonstone – helps reproductive system including PMS, conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding – supports digestive & assimilating nutrients – eliminates toxins & fluid retention – alleviates degenerative conditions of the skin, hair, eyes, liver & pancreas – soothes emotional instability & stress – stabilizes hormones – Peridot – tonic effect – reduces stress – improves state of well-being – great for heart health – strengthens blood & spleen – addresses anaemia – supports increased oxygenation – beneficial for lethargy, tissue regeneration and digestion & metabolism – useful for the skin, lungs, thymus, intestinal tract, eyes and ulcers – may help with birth contractions and people with bipolar – powerful cleanser releases and neutralizes toxins

PROTECTION – Moonstone – protects against psychic attack – averts entry of negativity in auric field – Peridot – known in ancient times as a talisman to ward off evil spirits – protects the aura

SPIRITUAL – Moonstone – initiates kundalini energy – brings unconscious to the conscious – connects to higher awareness – enhances intuition, empathy and lucid dreaming – connection with guides & higher beings – past life recall – spurs clairvoyance – Peridot – purifies the subtle and physical bodies including the mind – assists in showing how to detach from outside influences and relying more on one’s own wisdom for guidance – considered to be a visionary stone aiding one to understand one’s own destiny – great stone for healers

This Made in Earth ring has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

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