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Quartz Crystals


Quartz Crystals by Isabel Silveria is a great guide that helps to identify the variances within the Quartz family of crystals.

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In Quartz Crystals, Isabel discloses the magnificent potential of the mineral kingdom. Presenting the remarkable and powerful geometric forms and formations found in some members of the Quartz family.

There are many reasons for working with crystals: healing, strengthening the body, balancing the energies, developing psychic sills and many more. However, as can happen when we work in a more constant way with one specific element of Nature, crystals also lead us to a greater awareness of an existing ‘force’ or ‘potential’ that is infinitely bigger than we are.¬† Through crystals we start to interact with the Devine force present in all creation.

Crystals are much more than a mere eliminators of physical symptoms, they are powerful allies in our path to transformation, growth, and emotional, mental, and spiritual evolution. They are extremely powerful instruments in our self healing journey in search of Mother Earth.

So join Isabel within her pages she shares the wisdom of the Quartz family. Not only identifying there types but also what each has to offer in a healing capacity.








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