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Tigers Eye Tumbles


A great stone to ensure one remains grounded, these Tigers Eye tumbles imbues a vibration that allows one to remain calm and centered regardless of the situation.

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A great stone to ensure one remains grounded these Tigers Eye Tumbles imbues a vibration that allows one to remain calm and centered regardless of the situation. Used in times of old as an talisman they carry an assertive protective nature that will not only shield against negative energy but also block ill wishing and curses, in actual fact deflecting anything that may draw off or absorb your abundance. A good option for those that have issues in remaining optimistic even when all is going well it allows one to attune and align to trusting in the future.

A perfect choice for those that are spaced out and scattered, it brings clarity of mind and improves mental function, upsurging one’s power of logic it unlocks one’s ability to interpret and understand paradoxical concepts that one intercepts as it elevates one’s consciousness to higher levels, bringing in a greater awareness as one aligns with its frequency.

Helping to energize the body and lending perseverance, it supports those needing to accomplish tasks that may be difficult, challenging and enduring by granting extra strength and the ability to tap into sources of creativity to help eliminate associated  fatigue and feelings of discouragement as one forges ahead directed by one’s will.

A stone of the golden ray, these Tigers Eye Tumbles brings one to align their vibrations with Christ consciousness. Meditation with these crystals brings communion with this awareness, inspiring the soul to act upon the wisdom gained and to support its materialization onto the Earthy planes.

Anchoring change into the body, it supports accomplishment of one’s goals. Placed on the third eye it enhances psychic abilities. A great all round allay one that has been deemed to bring good fortune and protects your resources.

HEALTH – These Tigers Eye Tumbles helps to bring clarity of mind – helpful for mental disease or personality disorders – integrates the right and left hemispheres of the brain – heals issues of self-worth, self-criticism and creativity – supportive for addictive personalities to make changes – treats the eyes and aids night vision- heals the throat and reproductive organs – dissolving constrictions –  helpful in repairing bones – alleviates depression and lifts moods – a great choice for tests and exams and important meetings – increases energy and vitality – calming and centered – allows one to make choices based on one’s higher guidance – a great allay to bring harmony amongst families – blood fortifier  – strengthens endocrine system – helps to balance hormones and biochemistry – assist digestion – lower blood pressure –  May encourage fertility and resolve disease arsing form past experiences – attracts good health and abundance – good for seasonal affective disorder (SAD)

PROTECTION – against negative energy, ill-wishing and curses – deflects absorption of one’s abundance

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – grounding – enhances psychic abilities – stimulates kundalini rising – connects one to Christ Consciousness – expands consciousness

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