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Amazonite Tumbles


Displaying natures beauty in its colour palette these gorgeous Amazonite Tumbles shares an essence that bounds one with many of the attributes of strength and fortitude.

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Displaying natures beauty in its colour palette these gorgeous Amazonite Tumbles shares an essence that bounds one with many of the attributes of strength and fortitude. Allowing one to enter into a space for one to create a new reality, it supports and encourages you to move forward leaving behind old co-dependent behavioral patterns and thus realigning and forging ahead with more independence.

Amazonite carries the element of water, which  can be felt at an energetic level. With its gentle entrainment it allows one to almost feel as if they are being gently rocked back and forth by its subtle vibrations. Its this essence that brings both peace and a state of calm.  Soothing to the nervous system it helps to counteract fears and worries. It has the capacity to act like a natural healing elixir soothing to the emotional body, it brings good health by its action of aligning the etheric blueprint with the physical.

A great stone for those feeling stressed, it helps to subdue the mind from being pressured into a states of overthinking. Acting on both the heart and throat centres it brings recognition of entering into states of enhanced communication. The ability to listen with compassion and fully understand all sides of the story, one is able to transition within a harmonious environment not only with themselves but with those around them. Gaining great ability to find just the right words to address confrontations or conflict, one becomes adept in the ability to create boundaries on any level to deal within any situation, through free expression of one’s own truth.

Amazonite is great for protecting against geopathic stress, electromagnetic pollution, including phones, microwaves or computers, just place the stone between yourself and the source. Helps to clear negativity, opening the third eye, it enhances intuition. It can be used to help one to manifest a reality that is more aligned with their heart felt intentions. 

The energetic profile of the Amazonite enters the psyche allowing its light to penetrate the meridian pathways found with the physical. This merging that occurs on the subtle level brings through a deeper connection, increasing consciousness, one awakens to the higher knowledge that has always been there, yet due to blockages access has been difficult.

Weight – on average – 9 – 14 grams

Dimensions Approximately –  2.4 cm  x  1.5 cm  x  2 cm

HEALTH – Amazonite Tumbles act as a  soothing stone – calms the brain & nervous system – alleviates worry & fear – soothes emotional trauma – beneficial for osteoporosis, tooth decay, calcium deficiency, calcium deposits, balancing the metabolic deficiencies that create these conditions – brings peace – helps one to move beyond fear & judgements – helps with cell regeneration & healing after trauma or injury – great for gout or arthritis – prevents hair loss – repairs brittle nails & gums & hair – balances thyroid & adrenals glands especially associated with stress – helps release grief from emotional body – useful for those suffering illness caused by electromagnetic smog or environmental influences – promotes emotional balance

PROTECTION – Amazonite Tumbles may help to block geopathic stress – shields against electromagnetic fields – protective against mobile phones & microwaves – dispels negative energy – the brilliant blue Amazonite’s carry a finer vibration that provides a powerful protective effect when exploring the higher realms of consciousness

SPIRITUAL – aligns the physical with etheric bodies – balances the masculine & feminine energies – opens third eye – improves intuition – helps clear blockages within nervous system – meditating with this stone increases consciousness – because it is a stone of truth one may trust visions, dreams or intuition that arise when working with this stone – magnifies our intentions – allows communication of higher truths & knowledge

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