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Ruby Fuchsite Heart


The Ruby Fuchsite Heart is the result of an amalgamation of two minerals, namely Ruby and Fuchsite, with an intent to bring soul healing to the forefront.

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This Ruby Fuchsite Heart is the result of an amalgamation of two glorious minerals, namely Ruby and Fuchsite, with an intent to bring soul healing to the forefront. Their hues of green and pink are well known to target the heart centre bringing both healing and awareness and a vibration that brings emotional balance.

Their agenda is to encapsulate a need for one to let go of past behavioral patterns, let go and help one to release past traumas, grief, heartache, abuse. No matter what time frame, whether in past lives or the current, the Ruby Fuchsite heart brings a frequency that meets the need  to help shake free from the energetic debris found embedded within the subtle bodies. It is this release of blockages  that allows for the freer flow of energy and the ability to finally enter a space where one reaches resolution from past hurts.

Bringing positivity and vitality, the Ruby Fuchsite heart is a powerful combination that allows one to move into altered states of awareness.  Encouraging soul memory insights and supporting one’s spiritual growth, its ability to amplify the bio-magnetic field around the body is the instigator that releases old mental patterns and emotional congestion and helps to cleanse all the chakra centres.

It brings empowerment and the ability to step forward with the knowledge of where one needs to go and have the courage to actually follow through.  It brings one to meet life with a newer perception, one that allows more love to flow both ways. A stone combination that offers the gift of protection, helping to shield the heart from further trauma, or the entry of negativity, it is so powerful it ensures one is protected from psychic attack.

Rejuvenating to the mind, body and soul, it helps you to bounce back after emotional upset or tensions. Encourages you to reach out and follow your hearts desires giving you the motivation and the strength to succeed. A great stone for those finding themselves coming out of a difficult life change, it brings one into a space where one can meet issues without overreacting or internalizing the event.

Weight – 122 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 5cm  x  6cm  x  2.5cm

HEALTH – helps to release grief, emotional trauma, abuse, heartbreak – assures one it is safe to love – instills a positive, loving vibration – recommended for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Repetitive strain injury –  supports immunity – good for infections – energizes the body – treats red and white blood cell imbalances – beneficial for the heart – restoration of health after a period of feeling unwell

PROTECTION – protects the heart for psychic attack or ill wishing – shields heart from trauma and negativity

SPIRITUAL – helps one to reach altered consciousness – heightens psychic ability – strengthens bio-magnetic field around body – heals energy bodies – cleanses all chakra centres – supports spiritual growth

References –

Eason, C. 2010, ‘The New Crystal Bible,’ Carlton Books Ltd, London

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Weight 0.122 kg
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 2.5 cm
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Ruby Fuchsite, Ruby

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