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Apatite Tumbles


Allowing an intensification of vibrations to be harnessed and used as an interface between matter and consciousness, these Apatite tumbles are a great allay for those seeking  a stone that helps to stimulate and awaken their pineal gland.

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Pulsing with such a vibration these Apatite tumbles soon makes itself  known as one starts to drift and roam to other dimensions. One can feel the waves of energy as a swaying motion as the entrainment becomes stronger and stronger. Cleansing to the auric field, its target is the third eye. Helping to clear and energize this chakra centre brings a multitude of offerings and gifts of allowing one to fully utilize the properties of entering the minds eye. Stimulating visionary states, one gains the ability to see beyond the veil, intercepting varying degrees of consciousness’s, it influences one’s capacity to dwell within multiple dimensions in a simultaneous event.

A stone that sits on the threshold between matter and consciousness, unites one within the spiritual worlds of the metaphysical. Attuning one to a frequency that promotes psychic activation, it greatly influences and enhances one’s capabilities. Lucid dreaming, astral travel is but a step away. Access into the Akashic records brings one understanding of past life’s and past illnesses, it this gateway entry that allows one to both understand and address karmic influences effecting  present day reality.

A crystal known for its activity of stimulating the pineal gland, these Apatite tumbles make a great ally for those wanting to encourage out of body experiences. Attuning one to a very high level of guidance, its action promotes raising of  kundalini and deepens meditations.

Expanding knowledge and truth, Apatite allows one to sit within a space where self-expression is met on all levels, valued for its manifestation attributes, and attuned to the future it offers an uplifting energy to invigorate the mind, body and soul.

Source – Brazil

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HEALTH – Apatite tumbles may help to stimulate the intellect – eases sorrow, apathy & anger – reduces irritability – overcomes emotional exhaustion  – encourages new cell growth – aids in absorption of calcium helps with bones, teeth & cartridge – assists motor skills – ameliorates arthritis, joint problems & rickets – raises metabolic rate – suppresses hunger – encourages healthy eating – heals glands, meridians & organs – overcomes hypertension – eliminates hyperactivity – facilitates public speaking – stimulates mind – improves mental function – gain clarity – inspires positive outlook – soothes headaches – helps with vertigo & dizziness – good for eyesight

SPIRITUAL – develops psychic abilities – spiritual attunement – raises kundalini – activates third eye & visionary gifts – deepens meditation – balances the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies & chakra centres – connects with very high levels of guidance – it attracts communion with ‘blue beings’ whether they are ET’s, guides or godlike entities – access into Akashic records – promotes lucid dreaming – spurs astral travel  –  cleanses auric field

References –

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