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Citrine Cluster


If one is seeking to bring about great changes in manifesting a whole new reality, then this Citrine Cluster is a must have.

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If one is seeking to bring about great changes in manifesting a whole new reality, then this Citrine Cluster is a must have. Holding a high vibration, it is closely linked with the consciousness of abundance and prosperity. But its not just about gaining more possessions and cash, its much more than that. It resonance allows you to become both aware of your own inner riches and having the belief and trust that the universe is more than happy to provide for your needs.

Many have been programmed with a poverty consciousness and the sense of lack, with this mindset it is no wonder that people are creating this type of reality, because in truth we do create what we believe. By entraining with the Citrine cluster it not only helps to raise your self-esteem, and build your self-confidence, it encourages one to value oneself for who they are, not what they have or what they do.

So, in the act of attracting abundance you need to change your state of mind and know that you are worthy to receive, which is the most crucial part in delivering one into a space where delivery can take place and this is what Citrine can do.

Citrine is a great stone that encourages one to live in the now moment. This is the biggest gift of all. This places one on the threshold of unlimited potential, the doorway that leads into a newer reality, one that has been altered by you to match the life you want to live and manifest.

The Citrine cluster brings about great changes, assisting one toward an awareness of leaving behind those old thoughts of lack, bringing through a greater sense of self, it presents one with a whole new perceptive. Empowering one to realize that prosperity and abundance is but just a step away and by allowing one space to dwell within the now moment, brings manifestation to a whole new level.

By placing a smoky quartz over your earth star chakra beneath your feet to ground you into the material world and Citrine over your base and sacral chakras will help  to activate your manifestation flow with an extra additive effect.

Ideal placement is within the wealth corner in your home, found in the farthest back and at the left  as you enter the house or business. Smaller pieces are great to pop in your purse or cash drawer.

Citrine is one of those few self-cleansing crystals, however it still benefits from a quick purification every now and then.

Source – Brazil

Weight – 730 grams

Dimensions Approximately – 14.5 cm x  7 cm  x  9 cm

HEALTH – beneficial for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – stimulates digestion supporting both the spleen and pancreas – neutralizes infections in both the bladder and kidneys – improves circulation – activates thymus gland – balances thyroid – protects nervous system – useful for constipation & cellulite – alleviates depression, fears, anger – instills a state of calm – energizers – brings one joy – reverses degenerative diseases – helps with menopause alleviates symptoms such as hot flushes, balances the hormones and alleviates fatigue – increases mental clarity & concentration – beneficial for depression, low self-esteem & confidence – detoxing & cleansing – balances emotions and hormones – helps to let go of doubt, guilt and self-pity

PROTECTION – protects auric field

SPIRITUAL – opens intuition – aligns subtle bodies with the physical – activates crown centre – brings one into the now moment – helps to manifest abundance and prosperity

References –

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Weight .731 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 7 × 7 cm
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