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Apophyllite Pendant


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Whatever one seeks will find, when traversing the inner sanctum of this Apophyllite pendant.

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Such an unusual piece, this green Apophyllite pendant will surely bring one to a place where the surreal becomes real. An amazingly high frequency stone, it carries a raw energy that instils a state of calm, strength and a certain knowing that this reality that we live, is one of an illusion and it empowers one to take steps toward bringing oneself back into the state of presence.

Considered to be one of the most potent of stones in regard to its ability to pierce the veil. It brings one a full view and understanding of our true nature and our interconnection with all that is. It is this connection with the higher realms that initiates expansion of one’s consciousness, amping up psychic facilities, we enter a space of pure delight.

Almost immediately when it starts to entrain with your energy it allows you to preview entry into its crystalline structure. So many corridors and entry points, almost like a labyrinth one can enter and gain wisdom, but you can only gain entry into areas that one is ready to perceive. It is of no wonder that some have described them as ‘mini temples’, such a perfect description, of a stone committed to healing and enlightening the earth and its inhabitants.

It carries a very earthy feel. Full of life force, yet it has a very gentle sweet nature. Most beneficially it passes this life force onto the wearer, filling your whole being with such a refreshing energy boost making it great for those recovering from an illness. Its this life force energy that will help to spur rebirth and growth in the evolving soul.

The green Apophyllite specimens are quite rare in comparison to the clear white varieties and also have additional properties more associated with the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms. As with all types they have a high affinity with the angelic and Devic realms, but if one is searching for an ally to connect and commune with the animals, plants and nature, then this Apophyllite pendant is for you. It opens the channels to not only communicate with individual animals but also the collective mind of a species. In fact, it enhances your connection with the mineral kingdom including stones and crystals.

So, if one is looking to make a greater connection with their own collections of crystals and stones let this Apophyllite pendant be your ally.

Source – India

Weight – 20gm

Dimensions Approximately – 45mm  x  25mm  x  30mm

HEALTH – self healing from degenerative diseases – rediscover childlike joy – addresses tissue diseases – refuels one with life force energy – great stone for those recovering illness

SPIRITUAL – expanded awareness – connection with higher realms, Angelic realms & Devic – connection with plant, animal and mineral realms – most powerful of lifting the veil – clears blocked energy within crown centre – meditation aides – allows one to step into the now moment – stops ego interpretations of events – connection with interdimensional beings – allows one to become more sensitive to portals and dimensional doorways


This Made in Earth design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed. Chain not included.

References –

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Weight 0.020 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 3 × 4.5 cm
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Apophyllite, Apophyllite Green