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Astrophyllite Pendant


Quite intense, this Astrophyllite pendant takes you on a wild ride opening your senses to a whole new perception of what is.

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Opening doorways to multiple exits, one discovers that this Astrophyllite pendant is not only to be adorned but to be used as a tool for one’s unique journey. It takes you to a place deep inside, allowing one to discover that this plane of reality is simply an illusion and that we are much more than just flesh and bones. We are consciousness.

It yields one wisdom that one is ready to integrate. Such a powerful ally it uncovers our true essence as multi-dimensional beings. Allowing us to rediscover the inner knowledge that we have withheld for whatever reason. It has the ability of illuminating our shadow selves. Shining a light on aspects that can now be brought to self – awareness so that one can accept, assimilate, release for the true self to be brought to the forefront.

Fusing one with the full spectrum of light, its activation of the soul star energy centre above the head & the earth star centre below the feet, and all the chakras centres in-between, ensures all are activated, charged, and aligned. Not only does it secure health and well-being but also supports one’s spiritual growth and evolution.

Let this Astrophyllite pendant be your key to unlocking the true nature of your divine purpose hidden within the sacred patterns held within your light body. Once the key is turned expect to experience random happenings and synchronicities heralding ‘red flags’ from higher sources, illuminating prime clues of considerations on what directions one may take.

Expanding one’s consciousness creates an anchor within the higher realms. This stone will help to stimulate much travel that occurs beyond the body. Whether it be astral, galactic, or even time travel. It will allow one to experience galactic communication, but also enhances telepathic commune both with beings of this planet as well as others. One may even delve into these or other planes to gather knowledge of scientific or of technical nature.

Wow, and if that is not enough, it protects against every and all harmful electromagnetic frequencies. Whether it be radiation, radioactivity, radio transmitters, mobile phones or towers, or any form of electronic equipment. It acts as a natural deterrent, by strengthening your energy field.

I truly love the essence of this Astrophyllite pendant, fully charged and ready to create an impact, let this stone be the entry point of your awakening.

Source – Russia

Weight – 16gm

Dimensions Approximately – 55mm  x  20mm  x  7mm

HEALTH – helps to regulate nervous system – enhances brain function – fully supports detoxification on both the physical and energetic levels – beneficial for the large intestines, fatty deposits, epilepsy, reproductive and hormone systems – helps with PMS and menopausal disturbances

PROTECTION – energetically protects against all harmful radiations & electromagnetic smog

SPIRITUAL – increases consciousness – spurs out of body travel including astral, time & interdimensional travel – cleanses, charges & activates all chakra centres – communication with interdimensional beings – enhances telepathy – self -discovery – self – acceptance – uncover one’s hidden pattern of purpose – infusion of all spectrums of light – spiritual growth

This Made in Earth design has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed. Chain not included.

References –

Simmons, S. Ahsian, N 2007, The Book of Stones Who They Are & What They Teach, North Atlantic Books Berkley, California


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