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Apophyllite with Stillbite Inclusions


So gorgeous, this Apophyllite with Stillbite inclusions is a must have for those seeking an ally that helps to soothe and calm the emotions. Alleviating stress, fear and anxiety, this one is the perfect antidote for one wanting to link into the spiritual realms.

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The only way to describe the energy of this Apophyllite with Stillbite inclusions piece is that it exudes a joyous vibration, bringing both strength and calmness, soothing to the subtle bodies its sovereign qualities unleashes a host of unlimited potential toward the allowance of true self-recognition.

Opening one to a clear sense of clarity and awareness, the Apoplyllite is renown in linking into the spiritual realms creating access of entering through a gateway that allows one toward out of body journeys, access to the Akashic records or makes a great scrying tool for those seeking entry beyond the veil. Boosting intuition, inspiring visionary insights, one is gifted with access to what the future beholds.

Considering the planet’s vibrational status of the time that we are now living this Apophyllite with Stillbite inclusions offers a resonance that helps to ward off the uneasiness and trepidation associated with the fear and apprehension of the collective consciousness during the ascension process. It allows one to step into a space of acceptance and tolerance, helping to conquer the anxiety and stress that one is being bombarded with.

Helping to release mental blockages, suppressed emotions and negative thought patterns, it is a crystal that brings one much closer to spirit. Allowing one to easily make contact with the consciousness of the stone, this little chunk of Apophyllite brings one entry deep within the self, aligning with the higher self is nothing other than a precious gift for those seeking fast tracking their spiritual health but also the ability to stand in a space of stillness and neutrality during these havoc times.

A great tool of trade for those Reiki practitioners out there seeking to enhance their healing effects. Not only does it inspire more receptivity within their clients, it also allows the practitioner to step back and act in the capacity of a pure conduit for the allowance of an untainted flow of energy.

This Apophyllite with Stillbite inclusions makes a great addition to any room, as a powerful transmitter of energy it will enhance the quality of the vibrational space.

Weight – 292gm

Dimensions Approximately – 9cm  x  4.8cm  x  5.5cm

HEALTH – calming and soothing – reduces stress, anxiety  and fear – releases mental blockages and negative thought patterns – imbues universal love – releases suppressed emotions – works on the respiratory system effective with asthma when held at the chest – neutralizes allergies – promotes regeneration of mucous membranes and the skin – helps to rejuvenate the eyes when placed on top – Stillbite – treats brain disorders – strengthens ligaments – treats laryngitis & loss of taste – increases pigmentation in skin – potent detoxifies – traditionally used to counteract poisoning

PROTECTION – Stillbite – protects one during out of body journeying

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – access to Akashic records and past life history – enhances intuition – inspires visionary insights – scrying tool – links into spiritual realms – out of body journeys – insights into the future – grounds the spirit – useful in the matters of the spiritual to come to terms with being within a physical body – Stillbite – placed on third eye facilitates out of body journeying or enhances intuition – Scrying tool – grounding to the spiritual energy – guides, directs, protects and consciously retains memory of ones experiences  during out of body journeying

Additional information
Weight 0.292 kg
Dimensions 5.5 × 4.8 × 9 cm
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Stillbite, Apophyllite

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