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Aqua Aura Quartz Ring


This gorgeous Aqua Aura Quartz ring inspires the wearer to enter higher levels of being.

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This Aqua Aura Quartz ring brings an entrainment that can be perceived as a gentle buzzing felt at the cellular level. This initial shake up dislodges energetic debris found lodged within the energetic body for removal. This action creates the stage for one to begin the process of re-alignment, removing chaos, it brings through a higher frequency in which one begins to not only feel but glimpse the very essence that fills one’s human vessel.

A re-emerging of the higher self, one becomes awakened to one’s own consciousness hidden beneath the flesh. This brings a new perspective where one is opened to an abundance of potentials that had not been considered before. A thinning of the veil allows entry into a space where previous gifts forgotten are now lit up like fairy lights bringing awareness to a whole new spectrum for one to discover.

Not the run of the mill gemstones, this particular Aqua Aura Quartz ring brings through an infinity with the realms of the surreal. Opening one to the boundless energies of creation it catalyses the ability to release one’s self-expression in but numerous ways. Clearing the throat centre has created a clear flow of energy supporting one to bring through spiritual wisdom. Awakening to the innate qualities residing in this way, can be helpful for those wanting to channel.

Fluid in its action, the gentle pulse like entrainment brings one into a space of peace. Allowing the release of negativity found plaguing not only one’s physical body but also the emotional and subtle bodies, it activation of all the chakras brings both balance and harmony resulting in a great sense of well-being.

As a guardian and protector, this Aqua Aura Quartz ring guards one against psychic attacks. Shielding the auric field one can be but reassured that entry of malevolent energies is just not possible. The alignment with such a high frequency stone acts as a preventative and due to its energetic profile its vibration acts as a gatekeeper to allow one entry into the angelic realms if one wishes.

If one is seeking an ally that inspires a greater sense of being, then you need not look further as this Aqua Aura Quartz ring is truly a gift to be had.

Ring Size – 9  (Ring Size Chart)

Resizing is available. Please contact us at to make arrangements.

Source – Brazil

Weight – 6gm

Dimensions Approximately – 18mm  x  33mm  x  20mm

HEALTH – calming – relieves stress, depression & anxiety – soothes anger – creates inner peace – supports thymus gland thus immune boosting – improves communication – allows for self-expression

PROTECTION – remove negativity from physical, etheric, emotional & astral bodies – protects against not only psychic attack but also parasitic and malevolent energies – stops energy drain

SPRITIUAL – soothes auric field – brings forth esoteric wisdom – opens one to spiritual evolution – opens gateways to the angelic realm – connection with higher vibrational domains – may facilitate channelling & interdimensional communication – expands conscious awareness – supports spiritual growth

This Made in Earth ring has been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

References –

Hall, J, 2003, The Crystal Bible, Goldsfield Press, China

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Aqua Aura Quartz, Quartz

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