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Calcite Pistachio Towers


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Simply gorgeous are these Calcite Pistachio towers. A crystal intent on promoting inner peace and securing a deeper spiritual connection.

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Simply gorgeous are these Calcite Pistachio towers. A crystal intent on promoting inner peace and securing a deeper spiritual connection. Most gentle, yet active its vibration provides one with a tool that encourages and speeds up one’s development and growth. It allows release of stagnant energies by which acts as a tonic helping to revitalize the body.

Purifying and harmonizing to all the chakras its shades of green, yellow and tinges of powder blue seem to target the heart, solar plexus and throat centre. Aligning of these centres is paramount if one wishes to forge ahead on their spiritual journey. It brings emotional intelligence opening the heart to restore hope and inner serenity. Encouraging one to trust not only in oneself but with others.

Its energetic effect is quite powerful and seemingly Calcite is renown to excel at cleansing and centering one’s energies. Its a spiritual stone that is very much linked into opening the gateway to  higher consciousness.  Helping to facilitate higher awareness,  it enhances psychic abilities, out of body experiences and aides in channeling if one wishes. It ensures one’s safety when journeying into expanded consciousness and delving deep within the inner self.

Calcite Pistachio towers may help to dissolve rigid beliefs and old mental programming, bringing notice, one is able to let go of what no longer serves them. It supports learning at every level, bringing balance and clarity to the mind. Stimulating insights and boosting memory it brings positivity for those that have lost hope, spurring motivation, and aiding one to become energetic on all levels.

Weight – on average 330 gm to 369 gm

Dimensions Approximately – on average 12 cm x  3.8 cm  x  3.8 cm

 You will receive the exact crystals pictured. Please note some pieces have naturally occurring caves & fractures.

HEALTH – soothing – purifying – revitalizes the body – encourages calcium uptake into the bones – dissolves calcifications – strengthening the skeleton and joints – restores hope – encourages inner serenity – brings clarity of mind – facilitates communication on all levels – rapidly absorbs negative energy – strengthens the  immune system – rids the body of bacterial infections – soothes nausea, pain and inflammation – increases fertility – attracts abundance – cleanse regularly – helps one to overcome setbacks – cleanses the organs of elimination – stimulates blood clotting and tissue healing – ameliorates arthritis & constrictions of the ligaments or muscles – helpful in bone adjustments – cools fevers, burns and inflammation – calms the adrenals, and soothes anger generated disease

SPIRITUAL HEALTH – speeds up growth & development – ensures safely when journeying into expanded consciousness and the inner self – removes stagnant energies – purifies and harmonizes the chakras – promotes spiritual connection – its amplifying effects makes it great for distance healing – facilitates soul intention – enhances psychic abilities, out of body experiences & channeling

References –

Hall., J, 2003, ‘The Crystal Bible’, Goldfields Press, China

Hall., J, 2018, ‘The Crystal Companion’, Octopus Publishing, China

Additional information
Weight .400 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3.8 × 12 cm
Crystal Type

Pistachio Calcite, Calcite, Calcite Green

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