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Calcite Point


Speeding one’s spiritual growth, this lemon Calcite Point brings clearance of old patterns and programs allowing one to perceive the world with a new perception.

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An excellent cleanser of energy, this lemon Calcite Point not only removes stagnant negative energy from its environment but also acts to clear stagnancy and blockages from both the physical and subtle bodies. As a powerful amplifier, it cannot but help speed one’s transition, yielding dramatic developmental growth within the sphere of the spiritual, it provides an upsurge of bringing one in alignment to attune to the many levels of  higher consciousness. This action facilitates an expansive, intense opening of one’s awareness to these higher centres, consolidating one’s faculties of the psychic nature. Including out-of-body experiences and channelling of wisdom it brings notice to what has occurred once one slips back into the body.

Its ability to cleanse, balance and activate all the chakra centres, makes this Calcite Point a great choice that not only influences the ability to clear out the old patterns and programs, but in this act itself initiates a reset on how one begins to perceive the world. It is the instigation of changing one’s mindset and perception, which creates the impetus of moving forward beyond the old ways of repetition.  So refreshing in its approach it imbues one with an invigorating influence that brings one into states of great joy and appraisal for every aspect of one’s life.

Weight – 1.488kg

Dimensions Approximately – 17cm  x  8cm  x 7cm

HEALTH – combats laziness – spurs energising effect – new outlook on life – brings joy – calming reduces stress – boosts memory and helps to discern what information to retain – great learning aid in this respect – cleanses organs of elimination – encourages calcium intake in bones preventing calcification – strengthens skeleton and joints – relieves intestinal and skin afflictions – stimulates blood clotting and tissue healing – fortifies the immune system – encourages growth in small children – works quickly as an elixir and can be applied to the skin, ulcers, warts and suppurating wounds,

SPIRITUAL –  clears negative energies from its surrounds – increases consciousness – speeds one’s growth – cleanses, balances and activates all chakra centres – clears blockages & stagnancies of energy within the subtle bodies – deepens meditation – enhances psychic faculties including channelling and  interdimensional travel – stimulates insights –

References –

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Weight 1.488 kg
Dimensions 17 × 7 × 8 cm
Crystal Type

calcite lemon, Calcite

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