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Chrysocolla Ring


With its gorgeous hues of blue this Chrysocolla ring allows one to become infused with vibrations intent on creating an inner calm.

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With its gorgeous hues of blue this Chrysocolla ring allows one to become infused with vibrations intent on creating an inner calm. Drawing off negative energies it brings about a greater sense of serenity and the ability to invoke greater inner strength allowing one to twist and turn with the ever changing situations that one may find themselves in.

Not only is Chrysocolla empowering but its targeting of the throat centre has the capacity to cleanse and clear this channel, so not only does it unlock the access between the heart and the throat centres for better energetic flow but it also clears the channel that exists between higher consciousness and verbal expression and this is where one might find themselves expressing Divinely inspired speech and communication.

One’s ability to fully express whats found in their hearts allows for one to fully share their true self. A great stone and tool for those that either communicate for a living or those that are afraid to speak their truths. It allows for one to resonate with a vibration that brings one to stand in their power and share their wisdom. It teaches us how sound affects our physical reality and how we can change our reality by adjusting the way we use our words.

Encouraging self-awareness and inner balance it imparts confidence and sensitivity. Helping to relieve stress, anxiety and other fear based imbalances Chrysocolla is a great ally for those seeking a stone that brings them closer to their innate wisdom. Helping to calm, clear and re-energize all the chakra centres aligning them with the divine is most beneficial in creating an equilibrium that is most harmonizing to the body.

Affirmation: I listen deeply to the voice within and express it with freedom, spontaneity, passion and reverence. (ref-Naisha Ahsian)

Ring Size – 8

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Weight – 11 grams

Dimensions Approximately –  3 cm  x  2.5 cm

HEALTH – This Chrysocolla ring may help to bring greater inner strength – empowering – confidence – shuns negativity – heals heartache – overcomes phobias – reduces mental tensions – alleviates guilt – brings joy – treats arthritis, bone disease, muscle cramps/spasms, the digestive tract, ulcers, blood disorders, lung problems – detoxes the kidneys, liver & intestines – re-oxygenates the blood & the cellular structure of the lungs gaining greater lung capacity and improves breathing – regenerates pancreas – regulates insulin – soothes burns – reduces mental tension – calming – spurs life force increasing vitality – releases stress and anxiety or any other fear related imbalances in the body – regulates the thyroid and adrenals – excellent for sore throats – laryngitis – supports the larynx

SPIRITUAL – This Chrysocolla Ring may help one to channel wisdom from higher sources – improves meditation – aligns one with their higher self – calms, cleanses and activates all chakras aligning them with divine flow – reverses negative programming – opens psychic vision – encourages self-awareness

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