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February 14, 2021
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Clear Quartz Earrings


As a master healer stone, these Clear Quartz Earrings are a great choice for those seeking an ally to support health on all levels.

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One of the most essential crystals to have in your collection, these Clear Quartz Earrings not only brings style but brings a vibration that aligns one with the full spectrum of light. Helping to restore your energetic body, its attuning to your frequency helps to transmute negativity, amplifies energy, adjusts your vibrational field and raises your consciousness, what more could a girl want?

Helping the body to come back into balance, its magical healing power targets those areas needing extra help. Its composition of silica is the most abundant mineral found both within the Earth and the human body and is most fundamental in optimizing good health on all levels.

Quartz has the capacity to re-adjust one’s energy field to the most perfect state possible, going back before dis-ease had set in. Cleansing and strengthening to both the physical and subtle bodies, this crystal has the intention of expanding one’s growth. Aligning one with higher frequencies brings enhancement of many psychic gifts and attunes one to their spiritual purpose. Opening one to the world that permeates the physical, one becomes coherent of a new way of perceiving what is.

These Clear Quartz Earrings are not only a key that assists in unlocking the mysteries that lies beyond the veil, and gain access to universal knowledge and higher guidance. It is its filtering action of cleansing and activating of all the chakra centres and the proceeding expansion of ones auric field that aligns one to a higher consciousness.

Weight – 2gm

Dimensions Approximately – 2cm  x  .7cm  x  .7cm

HEALTH – master healer, targets areas requiring healing – stimulates immune system – brings body back into balance – aides concentration & memory –  soothes burns – improves clarity on all levels – stimulates growth of hair and fingernails – stimulates nervous system – can help remove adhesions within connective tissue – regulates blood pressure, oxygenation of tissue, regeneration of cells – energetically strengthens metabolism, blood vessels, elasticity of joints & connective tissue – anti-flammatory, removes heat -removes toxins – balances the mind

PROTECTION – against radiation

SPIRITUAL – harmonizes, cleanses and clears all chakra centres & subtle bodies – enhances psychic abilities – spurs intuition- improves meditation – connects one with guides – opens one to interdimensional travel – enhances past life recall – expands consciousness – dissolves karmic seeds – expands your bio magnetic field – makes dreams more vivid – balances polarity – removes blockages – transmutes negativity – detoxes emotional field

These Blue Turtle Earrings  have been handcrafted using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.


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Weight 0.002 kg
Dimensions 2 × .7 × .7 cm
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Clear Quartz, Quartz

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