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Topaz Earrings


Displaying a stunning colour of blue, these Topaz Earrings carries a vibration intent on revitalising the whole body.

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Displaying a stunning colour of blue, these Topaz Earrings carries a vibration intent on revitalising the whole body. Inspiring regeneration and good health these gorgeous stones resonates with a frequency  providing one with a elemental tool that not only looks good but beholds the capacity to instil trust in the universe. It is this and this alone that allows one to be more accepting of what is and live more in the moment then living in one’s mind contemplating possible outcomes from past experiences.

Topaz has soooo many wonderous gifts to share, empathic of nature, its vibrancy and clarity attunes one to align with these characteristics bringing mental clarification, and an upsurge of recharging every level of being from the physical ascending through from the meridans, subtle bodies and the psyche. The auric field is recalibrated and recharged into a once again coherent state. Deflecting negativity these gorgeous Topaz earrings tends to attract abundance, joy and prosperity opening one to receiving good fortune, it prepares one with foundations that propel significant strides in manifesting what one seeks.

A stone that helps to align one with their higher self, brings through an allegiance with faith, trust and truth, one forges ahead aligned with the path that is in harmony with one’s journey. Self-realisation opens a doorway where one is seeking to connect, remember and develop their spirituality, ascending into higher awareness, the blocks that once was, has now subsided allowing for new growth.

These Topaz earrings are a great gift for anyone seeking more confidence and emotional stability. They allow one to dismiss self doubt and confusion opening to both the small and larger picture at hand, one is abound with recognising when the truth is being spoken whether by the self or by others.

HEALTH – promotes good health – induces  relaxation – releases tension – stabilizes emotions – aides digestion – combats anorexia – restores sense of taste – fortifies the nerves – stimulates the metabolism – an elixir may help correct dimness of vision – targets areas in the body where needed most

SPIRITUAL – soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges, re-motivates and aligns all meridians of the body – speeds up spiritual development – aligns one with higher self – self acceptance – targets throat centre – targets crown centre – good for meditation – aligns one with the Angelic realms

Weight – 2gm

Dimensions Approximately – 2cm  x  .7cm  x  .7cm

These Topaz Earrings are a Blue Turtle design using 925 Polished Sterling Silver. The quality and authenticity of all gemstones are guaranteed.

References –

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Weight 0.002 kg
Dimensions 2 × .7 × .7 cm
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Blue Topaz, Topaz

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