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Clear Quartz Points – 6 pack


The most abundant mineral found within the Earth, these natural Clear Quartz Points make a great choice for anyone’s spiritual toolbox.

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The most abundant mineral found within the Earth, these natural Clear Quartz Points make a great choice for anyone’s spiritual toolbox. I have always said you can never have enough crystals but there is also a selection that is a must have when you are start out acquiring your crystal collection. Even that being said you can always add more natural Clear Quartz points particularly when one is interested in creating grids.

This pack contains 6 natural Clear Quartz points ranging from an average size of 5.5 cm to 7cm in length and around 1.5 to 2cm in width.  Weight on average is 25gm. A great size with multiple uses.

Embracing their vibrations with great clarity, their frequency holds the full spectrum of light. So what does that mean? Just as the body requires a healthy diet that contains all the vitamins and minerals to maintain good physical health, our subtle bodies also require all the colours of the light spectrum to maintain our energetic anatomy in tip-top shape.

So special is the clear Quartz variety, it has the knowingness of targeting areas in one’s body that are currently requiring therapeutic action. Known as the ‘master healer’ it is no stranger in actively bringing about homeostasis on every level – mind, body and soul. When one attunes to their energy, an entrainment is initiated spurring numerous benefits including activation, cleansing and clearance of all the chakra systems, supporting an all over auric field upgrade, one’s frequency has also be elevated bringing about increases in consciousness.

When used in combination with other crystals for example within a grid it aides in amplifying the energies of all the other crystals used, in this form clear quartz tends to have quite an intense energy and has the ability to release its vibrations with gusto into its surrounds being directed through release of its energy via its point.  Helping to create a harmonious, positive space that brings healing, dispersing negative vibrations it brings a presence that helps to restore unity.

HEALTH – master healer, targets areas requiring healing – stimulates immune system – brings body back into balance – aides concentration & memory –  soothes burns – improves clarity on all levels – stimulates growth of hair and fingernails – stimulates nervous system – can help remove adhesion’s within connective tissue – regulates blood pressure, oxygenation of tissue, regeneration of cells – energetically strengthens metabolism, blood vessels, elasticity of joints & connective tissue – anti-inflammatory, removes heat -removes toxins – balances the mind

PROTECTION – against radiation

SPIRITUAL – this Clear Quartz cluster harmonizes, cleanses and clears all chakra centres & subtle bodies – enhances psychic abilities – spurs intuition- improves meditation – connects one with guides – opens one to interdimensional travel – enhances past life recall – expands consciousness – dissolves karmic seeds – expands your bio magnetic field – makes dreams more vivid – balances polarity – removes blockages – transmutes negativity – detoxes emotional field


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