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This Staurolite stone allows one to merge and fuse within the fairy realms. With a playful energy its entrainment brings one both joy and vitality.

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So dainty and so cute you can feel this Staurolite pulsate with the magical energy from the fairies and fay. So joyous it brings one into a space filled with happiness, fun and glee. Opening the doorway one may enter into the world of the Devic, Fairy & Astral realms. Allowing one to take the inbreath, one exhales with such serene anticipation of what might be.

Also known as the Fairy stone, this Staurolite will help one to ground into the energies of the earth. This connection is nothing other than a gift. A gift to entrain with the vibrations of Mother Earth brings one closer to their divinity. Helping one to remain rooted to the ground assists in alleviating stress, anxiety, and depression. Infusing one with an energy that supports one’s lifeforce, increases not only vitality and stamina but makes one more centred and secure, promoting an increase in physical well-being.

Its connection brings together the algamation of the physical, astral and spiritual. This fortification opens one to communing between these different planes. Opening your eyes to the mystical, its not unusual to become aware of others that also inhabit this plane but remain naked to the physical eye.

The natural formation of the cross offers protection, and was used widely as a talisman in time of old.  Known to enhance rituals and ceremonies it presents one with a tool for magical practice.

Staurolite, is such an earthy stone that will support one if they wish to commune with either the plant or the animal kingdoms. Bringing one closer to nature it unlocks the invisible access to experience whatever door one wishes to open.

Source – Russia

Weight – 3gm

Dimensions Approximately – 20mm  x  10mm  x  15mm

HEALTH – relives stress – alleviates depression & addictions – treats cellular disorders and growths – increases assimilation of carbohydrates – traditionally used for fever – helps to stabilize the emotional body helping to counter hysteria, excessive fear and emotional paralysis – assists in muscle & blood formation – counteracts aging

SPIRITUAL – grounding – opens one to perceive other beings and realms – resumes connection with the earth allowing one to fully encompass the sacredness of the symbiotic relationship that co-exists between its inhabitants and the planet

References –

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Fairy Stone, Staurolite

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