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Emerald Slab


A great looking piece, this Emerald slab carries the energy that calms the emotions. Allowing one to enter the heart centre, its activation allows one to merge with the essence of love and compassion.

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As one would expect with any stone that acts on the heart chakra, this Emerald slab carries a vibration that helps to stimulate its activation. Powerful in its effect, one gains many benefits by attuning to its resonance. Allowing one to stay centred within the heart space, the flow of divine energy through this channel unites one with the wisdom of acceptance, compassion and love, not only for the self but for others.

The Emerald, renown not only as the quintessential stone for the heart and the emotions but also for abundance and prosperity. Increasing consciousness, it enhances psychic abilities, attunes one for greater insights, aligning one to the channels of wisdom, this Emerald slab brings a bounty of gifts for those that seek a greater union with the universal flow of divine blessings.

Healing to all levels of being, it brings equilibrium to the mental, emotional and physical bodies. Not only effective in its use to heal the heart on both the energetic and physical levels, it can assist in eliminating negative emotions and tends to spur vitality and a zest for life, bringing about positivity of mind and actions.

A great stone for relationships and love, helping to promote domestic bliss, loyalty and unity. It has been said that it attracts successful love, promoting a happy marriage. Healing to those that have been rejected or victimized or even those undergoing a relationship breakup. It is most effective at alleviating that heaviness that one may feel deep in their heart.

Abundance and prosperity is brought by its action on addressing the blockages that one may have related to poverty consciousness or lack of self-worth. Aligning one with the ability to trust that one’s needs will be met, will allow the flow of wealth and health to come your way.

In ending it has been said not to wear Emeralds constantly as it can trigger negative emotions through its action of being over stimulating.

Source – India

Weight – 58gm

Dimensions Approximately – 75mm  x  55mm  x  5mm

HEALTH – calming effect on the emotions – helpful in cases of claustrophobia – gain mental clarity – improves memory – aides recovery after infectious disease – treats sinuses, lungs, heart, spine and muscles – soothes the eyes – improves vision  – detoxifying effect on liver – alleviates diabetes and rheumatism – emotional healer –

SPIRITUAL GROWTH – increases consciousness – enhances psychic abilities – opens clairvoyance – foretell the future – gain great inner knowing – stimulation of the higher heart – stimulates third eye vision

References –

Hall, J., 2011, 101 Power Crystals, Fair Winds Press, China

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